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Top Jump Rope Exercise To Lose Weight

“Excuses don’t kill the fat, exercises do.” Amit Kalantri once said. One of the numerous reasons people exercise is to lose weight; and one of the most effective exercises to achieve weight loss is a simple jump rope exercise – Skipping as it is sometimes called. In this article, we shall be talking about jumping to lose weight and the top jump rope for weight loss. 

According to the national library of medicine, the primary rule for losing weight is to make sure that you shed off more calories than you consume daily – calory deficit. Calory deficit can be achieved by eating healthy and participating in regular exercises like jumping rope to burn calories.

Jumping rope to lose weight is possible because a lot of calories are lost in the process. In fact, research has shown that you can burn 15 – 20 calories per minute jumping rope. That’s an average of 175 calories in just 10 minutes (equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging).


There are several benefits of the jump rope exercise, here are a few:

lose weight jumping rope
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1. Jumping rope reduces body fats

Workouts alone aren’t always very effective. However, jumping rope, as a part of the High-intensity interval training (HIIT), is one of the most reliable methods to burn fat, especially the belly fat, because it targets the abs and trunk muscles. 

lose weight jumping rope
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2. It improves heart health

Regular skipping helps to improve the heartbeat rate; blood flow becomes faster, and the heart becomes stronger. This lowers the risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases.

how to lose weight jumping rope
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  3. It improves agility, endurance, & balance 

As easy as it seems, jumping ropes is an exercise that requires calculations and coordination. When you do that often, it helps you to gain balance and stability. Footballers and other sportsmen revealed that few minutes of skipping during training sessions helped to gain balance. 

People jump ropes for different reasons, but if your reason is weight loss, you must do it the right way. We shall be looking at some specific jump rope workout routines to burn fat. 


Doing the same thing repeatedly can be boring. Thus, you need to spice up your skipping by trying out different variations. There are several jump rope variations, but we shall be focusing on some of the best jump rope exercises for weight loss.

The Basic:

This is, in fact, the traditional method of skipping – jumping with both feet at the same time once in every revolution. It is the first move that everyone should master before considering other variations. It is a full-body workout that targets the shoulders, arms, legs, and the abs.


This is simple too. It involves swinging the rope in the opposite direction from the basic. You jump once with both feet but from the head towards the feet this time.

One-foot hop:

This method helps to strengthen your legs one at a time. Simply do a given number of jumps with one leg and then switch to the other leg. Do this repeatedly till you get tired.

Two at a time:

Kick with one leg at a time while the rope revolves twice before switching to the other feet. 

The Cross Step:

The Cross step is one of the easiest variations that involve crossing and uncrossing your feet for every revolution. You can spice it up further by interchanging the foot you started with.

The Scissors:

As the name implies, you have to cross your feet in scissors-like positions – one foot at the back and the other in the front in the first revolution. Repeat the same process, but this time, the second leg comes first.

Side-to-side Jump:

This isn’t one of the simplest moves, but it can be fun when mastered and properly done. You might want to get a groovy song, tap your feet, and slightly move sideways while dancing to the song with every revolution. A few steps to the left, and a few to the right. 

The side straddles 

For this, you have to time the revolutions perfectly. Your feet have to be spread apart and sideways for one revolution, and then you jump and close your feet for the next. It is not as complicated as the sideways jump.

Now that you know the variations of jumping rope to lose weight, what proportions can you achieve faster? 

One key feature that differentiates people looking to lose weight from other jump rope users is the high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This simply means that the workout has to be on high intensity for a short time, followed by a defined rest period. You will need a timer to achieve the optimum result. Here’s an example:

FIRST SET: Do the basic jump rope for 30 seconds nonstop and take 60 seconds of rest. Repeat the set 10 times.

SECOND SET: Now do the cross-step variation for 30 seconds while consciously pulling yourself back and forth. Rest for 90 seconds and repeat the process 4 more times (total of 5 times).

THIRD SET: This is the last set, and you can simply do a combo of the other variations. A 30 seconds of jump rope would be fine, followed by 12 seconds rest. Do another 30 seconds of any of the variations and rest for another 12 seconds. Repeat the 30 seconds of the scissors, one-foot hop, or the side straddle variation and rest. You can round off with a 30 seconds pushup.  


We’ve been able to identify the top jump rope exercises to lose weight in this article. I guess you know better now if you were wondering whether jumping rope can lose you weight. We recommend that you use a slightly weighted jump rope because the extra weight helps to improve resistance. More calories are burned, and more weight is lost.

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