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Best Weighted Jump Ropes to Buy In 2021

Having access to any of theheavy jump ropes will make your workout worthwhile and fun. When you mention jump rope, one thing readily comes to mind, “playground fun.” Today, heavy jump rope has become an integral part of our workout routine.

However, unlike most high-intensity workouts, you don’t need to break the bank to have your weighted jump rope.

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You can get a heavy jump rope for under $30. These long-lasting weighted jump ropes are great for burning more calories than their traditional counterparts. The most exciting part is that they are better for building strength too. The durable weighted jump rope is ideal for people who want to work out at home, maintain muscle mass, and keep the weight off.

If you are looking for good workout equipment, we have selected the best weighted jump ropes for you. Each one of these best quality weighted jump ropes is well-reviewed and provides you with an effective way to stay in shape.

List of The Best Weighted Jump Ropes

Gravity Heavy Rope (OPTIMISM)

1. Elevate Heavy Ropes

This is arguably the best among the top weighted jump ropes available in the market. These Heavy ropes are perfect for both beginners and advanced jumpers in need of heavy-duty cardio sessions. It is also good for you if you want to lose weight and build muscle. They coke with high-quality PVC cables, rock-hard, and shatter-free handles. These Elevate weighted ropes also have a fully adjustable and ultra-strong snap lock system. You can get an Elevate weighted jump rope for as little as $25.

2. Benvo Weighted Jump Rope

We can’t discuss the top weighted jump ropes without mentioning the Benvo weighted jump rope. In fact, it is one of the best weighted jump ropes for your intense workout at home. With Benvo weighted jump rope, you don’t have to worry about having the rope catch you or tangling itself. The rope is popular among rope jumpers. It comes with two foam-handled, removable three-ounce weights and weighted sponge grips. You can buy the Benvo weighted jump rope for as little as $17.

3. The Pulse Weighted Jump Rope

This is one of the well-reviewed weighted jump ropes on Amazon, with more than 600 5-star reviews. This tells you what you need to know about the quality of Pulse weighted jump rope. It comes with foam handles to provide users with comfort all through the workout exercise. Its 6-millimeter length allows for fast and consistent rotation, while the width prevents tangles. Also, users can adjust the rope’s length to ensure it’s the right fit for them. The pulse weighted jump rope is specially designed for Crossfit, MMA, boxing, and cardio. You can buy the Pulse weighted jump rope for $25.

4. QiXin Weighted Jump Rope

QiXin is also one of the best weighted jump ropes in the market. It is available in both grey and black. Its sleek and gold-colored connectors gave the rope its stylish appearanceThe rope has a comfortable 6-inch handle with a removable 85-gram weight. QiXin weighted jump rope is made from low temperature-resistant TPU material for durability and speed. The kit comes with a drawstring bad that prevents your rope from tangling while keeping it neatly stored. The can buy this stylish weighted jump rope for $13.

5. The Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope 

This is among the long-lasting weighted jump ropes that you can always trust for all your jump rope needs. If your household is looking to have a jump rope that will be shared between users, Everlast Evergrip is the answer. Users can adjust the length for up to nine feet. It is ideal for jumpers who don’t know the height that is best for them. It comes with padded handles that make you feel comfortable while on your workout. Meanwhile, its removable weight allows users to enhance their cardio while also giving their upper body a workout simultaneously. The price is $15.

6. Gaikai Weighted Jump Rope

This thick 9 millimeter weighted jump rope is made with solid PVC that gives it a lot of flexibility and smoothness. Depending on your fitness level, you can use it for either cardio or conditioning. The aluminum alloy handles offer a handy non-slip silicone grip. It has only one length option (10 feet), and you can easily adjust it to your height. You can buy a Gaoykai weighted jump rope for as little as $22.


Any of these listed best weighted jump ropes can turn your workout around in the comfort of your home. They are effective, affordable, and long-lasting weighted jump ropes.

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