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Jump Rope Style Guide: Every Type of Jump Rope with Explainers

Trying to figure out which type of jump rope is best for you? Jumping rope is a very underrated workout. The simple exercise provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, enabling you to target certain muscle groups along the way. To exercise, all you need is a single piece of equipment. With just a jump rope, you can complete a wide range of exercises and routines. 

Jumping rope is becoming increasingly popular as people search for workouts to do at home. You do not have to buy a lot of expensive equipment or invest in extensive training. Pick out a jump rope, follow a YouTube tutorial, and start jumping to burn calories! Keep reading to learn more about the various types of jump ropes, including which jump rope is right for you. 


Are there different types of jump ropes? 

If your experience with jump ropes ends on the playground, you may be wondering if there are different types of jump ropes at all. Aren’t they all the same: a rope with handles? You may be surprised to find that there are many types of jump ropes available today, and it is easy to become overwhelmed when purchasing a jump rope for the first time. 

Do you need long handles or short handles? How long should your jump rope be? What does a weighted jump rope do? These are all common questions beginner jumpers ask. The different kinds of jump ropes are listed below for your reference. 

What are the different types of jump ropes for? 

For adults, there are three main styles of jump rope. While the exact materials may vary from type to type, speed jump ropes, beaded jump ropes, and weighted jump ropes are the most common categories. Each type of jump rope offers specific benefits for your workout and can be used for different reasons. 

type of jump rope

1. Speed Jump Ropes

Speed jump ropes are optimal for beginners. The lightweight ropes are durable and easy to use, so you can practice your basic skills and techniques. This type of jump rope is the most common, and preferred by even advanced jumpers. You can take this rope with you on the go or to the gym, so you can always get in an intense cardio workout. 

With a speed jump rope, you can work on agility. It is a great option for practicing footwork, building endurance, and speeding up your jump rope skills. Look for speed jump ropes made of quality materials to ensure they are durable and do not tangle easily. 

Below are some of the workouts the speed jump ropes are good for:

  • Basic jump
  • Lateral jump
  • Alternating rope jump
  • Alternating lateral jump
  • The Alternating jump with high knees
  • Jumping with a single head

2. Beaded Jump Ropes

While beginners can certainly use beaded jump ropes if they prefer, they are typically used for rhythmic jumping and competitions. Beaded jump ropes, or segmented jump ropes, create a sharp noise when the beads hit the ground in between jumps. They are typically made with a nylon cord covered with beads. Beaded jump ropes are not heavy, though, because the beads are relatively light. However, compared to a speed jump rope, these ropes have more weight. You can use a beaded jump rope inside or outdoors. 

Here are some of the workouts the beaded jump ropes are good for:

  • The basic jump
  • Rhythmic jump

3. Weighted Jump Ropes

If you want to intensify your workouts, a weighted jump rope is the way to go. You can target the muscles in your arms and should by using a weighted jump rope. By adding additional weight, you have to use more energy to complete jump rope skills. There is more resistance when you rotate the jump rope. You can find weighted jump ropes in a range of weights to meet your needs. 

More experienced jumpers prefer weighted jump ropes to intensify their exercise. Beginners may want to practice with a weighted rope to master timing and form. With a weighted jump rope, your rotations are slower and you have more time to focus. 

Below are some of the workouts the weighted jump ropes are good for:

  • Single unders
  •  Push-ups
  •  High knew w/ jump rope
  •  Squat step-ups
  •   Burpee lateral jumps
  •   V up tuck combo

Which jump rope is best for me? 

For beginners, a speed jump rope is always a great idea. You can start learning the basic jump ropes skills and techniques every jumper should learn. When you are ready to intensify your workout, increase your speed or practice more advanced moves. Beginners can use beaded ropes, but they are best for children or rhythmic jumping practices and competitions. 

Advanced jumpers looking to challenge themselves may prefer a weighted jump rope. Therefore, adding weight increases the intensity of your jumps and targets specific muscle groups. If you find yourself struggling with the timing of your jumps, a weighted rope forces you to slow down and practice proper form and technique.


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