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Sports Injuries

What are the Distinguishes Acute and Chronic Sports Injuries?

Most people suffer from injuries while training or exercising; however, “sports injuries” are known as individual activities. And it’s not limited to athletes or sportspersons as it can develop gradually in other people or occur due to accidents.

What are the distinguishes acute and chronic sports injuries? Do these commonly happen while exercising or playing sports? Yet, the effect on the musculoskeletal system can worsen as muscles, tendons, bones, and many more injuries. Treating these injuries is necessary as they can get unbearable over time, so you must rest by applying ice to the injured area. Moreover, resting, elevating, and compressing will help reduce pain and swelling.

Therefore, sports injuries are divided into acute and chronic pain. And you must know how to differentiate them accordingly. Keep reading till the end.


What are the Distinguishes Acute and Chronic Sports Injuries?

Multiple athletes suffer from sports injuries, leading to severe health issues. And the injuries are separated into two individual categories. That’s why you must know what distinguishes between acute and chronic injuries. It is essential to detect this as the treatment can keep you going.


Acute injury

Acute injuries occur due to falling, banging on other players, and sudden direction changes while running. These accidents could lead to severe injuries. So you must acknowledge your injured area and consult with your doctor, as these injuries can grow into infections or worsen.


  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Fractures
  • Muscle sprain
  • Thew strains
  • Dislocated Shoulder

The dislocated shoulder might happen due to the joint becoming separate from its fix placed. The high involvement of stretching and falling may be the leading cause of most dislocated shoulders. Although this injury requires to be treated immediately, in some cases, bones get into their place accordingly. The sports such as football and basketball, athletes suffer from this injury eventually.


Acute fracture

Acute fractures can occur due to car accidents; falling from height and sudden break hits are leading causes of acute fractures. The severity of this injury depends on how forcefully the accident occurred. Moreover, it may break or crack bone all the way through to your skin. These injuries are compound fractures and severe as they can grow infection underneath your skin.


Muscle Sprain

People suffer from muscle sprains while doing exercise or lifting weights. The connecting tissues that keep bones joined to each other might get stretched or damaged ligaments. This happens due to falling or losing grip of weight that knocks out the joint from its position.

It’ll get recover swiftly if it’s a minimum stretch. But suffering from unbearable pain is a sign of tearing your muscle that’ll take long enough to heal. The ankles, wrists, and knees are the most vulnerable areas where muscle sprain occurs.


Thew Strain

When a cord connecting muscle to bones gets twisted, pulled, or damaged is called strain. Most athletes suffer from muscle strain because of the false technique or unbalancing the body weight. The muscle tendon gets injured through a minor stretch that can lead to complete damage tendon connecting two joints.

sports injuries

Chronic Injuries

These are known as overuse injuries, as they can develop due to long-term repeating motions such as long-distance cycling, swimming, and running. This injury can get worse because of the inaccurate technique or wear and tear over time drastically.


  • Runner’s knee
  • Bone fractures
  • Tennis elbow
  • Achilles tendon injuries (in runners)

Bone Fractures

As we all know, bone fractures can happen by accident. However, there are ample fractures that are different and get severe over time that you must know. Although a quick or one-time injury is called an acute fracture, repeated injury or fracture is known as a stress fracture. Moreover, most children suffer from growth plate fractures.


Stress fractures

This fracture occurs mostly in the lower extremity or weight-holding bones such as foot bones, femur, fibula, and tibia. These fractures are sports injuries common among athletes who exercise repetitive impact such as swimming, running and jumping.


Growth plate fractures

Growth plate fracture is an area of cartilage near long bones, and they prevent bones from reaching their full length unless the child turns twenty. This can happen due to dangerous car accidents and chronic stress.

Tennis Elbow

Any extreme hand movement sports can lead to this injury, you might lose gripping power, and it can get worse. It happens due to the small tears developing in the tendon of the elbows, and it becomes inflamed, leading to pain around the elbow. However, the athlete is not the only one who can suffer from this injury the painters and carpenters are at higher risk of developing this injury. You must exercise to keep your grip perfect.

Runner Knee

Runner’s knee is another sports injuries known as patellofemoral pain syndrome. This condition can cause tenderness near or under the knee front or kneecap. Most runners encounter this injury, yet it can appear in other sports, too, such as hiking or cycling. Moreover, kneecaps can get damaged because of fracture dislocation, and the ligament can be torn due to twists, leading to the knee being severely injured.

Achilles Tendinitis

There is a confusing term that you must acknowledge, so the ankle sprain is completely different from Achilles tendinitis. The ankle sprain can occur due to twisting your ankle, stretching, or false technique that leads to joint ligament tearing.

However, Achilles tendinitis injuries are the cause of stretch, tear, or tendon irritation that connects the calf muscle to the backside of the heel. This is one of the largest tendons in your body and helps in walking, running, climbing, and other leg movement exercises. Moreover, this is the leading cause of feeling pain or stiffness around the rear of your heel area in the morning or while standing. However, this chronic condition of Achilles tendinitis might cause serious injuries and require surgery.

However, to cure and heal, the procedure for acute and chronic injuries are similar. You must allow your injured body part to rest eventually to significantly decrease joint pain.

You can apply ice or even go for red light therapy treatment to deal with these issues once and for all. Yet, it’s highly recommended that you consult your doctor before taking such therapies.

Bottom line

What are the distinguishes acute and chronic sports injuries? It puzzles you to understand the leading cause of such injuries. You must warm up before doing any weight lifting, running, swimming, or other exercises.

Moreover, it can prevent acute and chronic injuries and keep you in shape. And improvising your technique is essential as it can lead to another injury, so you must hire a professional trainer to guide you properly.


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