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Top 10 Healthy Junk Foods and Nutrition Facts

Top 10 Healthy Junk Foods and Nutrition Facts

At one point in a person’s lifetime, you will hear people talking about the disadvantage of eating junk foods. What if I tell you there are things they are not revealing to you? Yes, they didn’t let you know about healthy junk foods. You are already contemplating the healthiness of junk food.

Sometimes, we find it difficult to do without fast food because it requires no time to prepare. So, if you must eat it, it is essential to go for healthy ones. Some of them offer significant nutrients that the body needs to function well. This is important, especially for fitness enthusiasts who want effective results.

Now let’s get down to the main business of this guide. Here are the healthy junk foods you should consider when you crave one.


Key Takeaway

Junk foods are processed foods that contain high calories and insignificant nutrients. These food types usually have high fat, salt, and sugar levels. The appearance of junk food from a distance can be appealing and tasteful when consumed. While junk foods are not advisable for consumption, there are beneficial ones. They include dark chocolate, ice cream, popcorn, potato chips, and Oatmeal cookies.

If you are a fitness enthusiast fond of jumping rope, these junk foods will not affect your performance. In fact, you can rest assured of generating satisfactory jump rope fitness results. The unhealthy fast food will render your effort to lose weight through jump rope exercise fruitless.

Therefore, skipping rope workouts requires that you eat healthily. These are the ideal junk food you should consider:


1. Ice Cream

One of the most tempting junk foods is ice cream. It calls attention faster than anything because of its presentation. Fortunately, it contains proteins and calcium that are beneficial to the body. You can expect to get ice cream rich in vitamin B if you buy from credible brands.


2. Oatmeal Cookies

Maybe your preference is oatmeal cookies, and someone advises you to stop eating them. They probably don’t know the benefits it offers. Oatmeal cookies supply your body with iron, calcium, and many fibers. You can opt for oatmeal with nuts and dried fruits if you want protein and vitamins.


3. Dark Chocolate

People usually think all chocolates contain high sugar. Well, that’s not true as you can enjoy dark ones with less sugar content. Apart from having one-of-a-kind tastes, it is healthy and supplies protein and fiber to the body. Our recommendation is to opt for dark chocolate made from 70% cocoa.


4. Cheese

Consuming two ounces of cheese will supply the body with calcium and protein. For additional benefits, we recommend you go for hard cheese combined with nuts or fruits. You can rest assured of getting more vitamins from that combination. You will not be doing any bad to your health by adding cheese to your diet.


5. Popcorn

Popcorn should ring a bell in your ear if you are a cinema lover. Eating popcorn will not harm you when seated to see that blockbuster movie. This is one of the healthy junk foods we can recommend to anyone without thinking twice. One good thing about popcorn is you can do it yourself to control the oil and butter in it.


6. Sweet Potato Chips

Not all potato chips are fatty, especially the baked ones. This is because there is no reliance on oil to make it crisp. Additionally, potato chips free from MSG are healthy with the assurance that you will not accumulate fats unnecessarily. The ones in French fries are the best as they supply a large amount of vitamin A to the body.

Top 10 Healthy Junk Foods and Nutrition Facts

7. Granola Bar

Innocent-looking granola bars are unsuitable for the body because of the excessive sugar added. Luckily, you can put in the effort to do it at home. That way, you can control the sugar and salt content in the making. It is better than the processed ones with artificial ingredients.


8. Yogurt Pop

This is not your regular junk food, but it is gradually gaining attention. Interestingly, the making of yogurt pop is simple. All you need is essential ingredients like fruits, yogurt, and honey. It is healthier considering the ingredients used when preparing it.


9. Tortilla Chips

It’s not just easy to prepare; it is also delicious and healthy for consumption. Thinking of how to get the ingredients? Just visit any nearby supermarket within your locality. The fat and calories of this fast food are relatively lower than potato chips. So, when you need to eat something salty and crunchy but healthy, tortilla chips should come to mind.



10. Salsa

Vegetables are salsa’s primary component, making it a healthy combination with chips. Some people prefer its creamy counterpart. That is because they are not aware of the nutrient benefits of salsa. The tomatoes produce antioxidants and massive bost of lycopene.



Not all fast foods are unhealthy. Many healthy junk foods are beneficial to the body. If you have a set of fitness goals, consuming any of the snacks listed above will not frustrate you. By now, your perception of junk food should have changed from what you used to know.


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