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Workout Gear

Workout Gear Designed to Motivate You to Exercise

Exercise is essential whether you are a fitness fanatic or simply trying to stay healthy. Fitness is for life, and you must motivate yourself to keep going even when you’d rather not. Your workout gear can have a significant impact on your willingness to exercise. You may be distracted if you have to pull up your pants or tug your T-shirt down constantly.

Here are some tips for choosing workout gear that motivates you to exercise.


1. Don’t Wear 100% Cotton

If you can, avoid wearing 100% cotton clothing in the gym. Although your workout clothing has to be comfortable, it must also be functional. Cotton clothes absorb moisture hence leaving your skin cold and irritated.

Your gym underwear, T-shirts, and inners should be made of moisture-wicking, dry-fit material to keep you comfortable.


2. Wearing Layers to Control Body Temperature

When working out in the cold, wearing workout gear layers is the best way to regulate your body temperature. Your first layer should wick sweat away from your body through the fabric. Polypropylene and other synthetic materials are your best options.

The second layer is for insulation. It could be fleece, polyester, or wool. Your third layer should be able to keep the rain, air, and wind out. Go with something lightweight and comfortable. Layering is a fantastic idea, as you can always remove a layer if it gets too hot.

If you are working out in the sun, wear a running hat to protect your eyes and scalp. Running hats could come in handy in the rain as well.

Workout Gear Designed to Motivate You to Exercise

Image Source: Pexels


3. Wear the Right Bra

The right sports bra should be comfortable and supportive. If you are a woman, you must always wear a bra when working out. It lowers the risk of injury and keeps you comfortable. A good sports bra needs to fit tighter than your regular bra. However, it shouldn’t be so tight that you can barely breathe.

If the bra has snaps or hooks, ensure they don’t chafe. The cup fabric should be clean and comfortable, and the straps shouldn’t be so tight that they dig into your shoulders.


4. Avoid Short Shorts

Walking around in short shorts may be comfortable, but it isn’t ideal for working out. If your shorts are loose, they could ride up as you work out, leaving you exposed and uncomfortable.

They make it impossible to do exercises like squats and deadlifts comfortably. However, if they have a compression lining, they could be appropriate for cardio routines that involve lots of jumping.


5. Wear Snug Shoes

You need snug shoes to run comfortably on the treadmill or outdoors. If your shoes are too loose, you may have trouble moving around.

If they are too tight, you could suffer swollen feet after a few minutes of working out. Ensure that your workout shoes have a thumb’s width space between the end of the shoe and your longest toe.


6. Wear Capris for Yoga

Yoga pants are great. However, capris work great if you are looking for something more modest. The length is just right-it doesn’t ride up or get in the way of your yoga poses.

Stay away from drawstring and lose pants, as they can slide up or get uncomfortable when you lie on your stomach. Anything that bunches up while you are working out is a no-no too. Torso-hugging T-shirts and cotton-blend tank tops are great for both men and women.

Did you know your choice of workout gear or clothing determines how you’ll feel after? Although it is common to feel sore and exhausted after a hard workout, wearing the right clothing pieces could make you more comfortable. They could motivate you to keep pursuing your goals. Take advantage of the above tips to get the most out of your workout sessions.


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