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Jump Rope Frog Tutorial - How to do the Jump Rope Frog

JUMP ROPE FROG Tutorial – How to Jump Rope Frog IN 4 MINUTES!

How to do the Jump Rope Frog FAST – Jump Rope Frog Tutorial

It’s been a while, it’s been a while, but I’m back with another Jump rope tutorial! Today we’re going to cover the Jump Rope Frog! One of my personal favorites and in my opinion a must-have in your freestyle arsenal!

It’s an intermediate freestyle variation. However, a basic amount of upper body strength is needed, so you’re able to jump onto your hands, without crippling into the ground. I suggest you watch this tutorial closely, to really understand what’s happening, take a few minutes every session to practice your frog, whether it’s to improve your upper body strength or your frog technique you’ll get it very soon!

Jump Rope Frog Breakdown

Step 1: 30SEC Wall handstand

So to start off I want to focus on your power. To do the frog in a safe way, it’s important to have a basic amount of upper body strength.

And no don’t worry, you don’t have to be able to stand on your hands and keep your balance for a very long time. However, a basic strength benchmark for your frog is to be able to stand on your hands, against the wall, for at least 30 seconds straight.

If you’re not able to do that just yet, don’t start practicing your frog until you get that down.

The chances of injuries are simply too big. So start by practicing your wall hand stand first. If you manage to reach the 30 second mark, progress to step 2.

Step 2: Frog technique (No Rope)

Tight Abs, Straight Back, Slightly bend legs and Kick off to get the sky momentum, Feet should land where your hands were

So before we’re getting into the actual frog, we’re going to discuss the mechanics and practice the technique without a rope first.

As for your form when jumping into your handstand you should try to keep your abs tight and keep a straight back. When you’re upside down and are looking to jump back from your hands to your feet, it’s important to kick off in the air just like I do in the video. That kick off will get you some airtime, which is needed in step 3, to make sure the rope passes underneath your body.

Last but not least, try to land with your feet on the exact same spot your hands left the ground. You probably won’t, but improve your vertical momentum and thus increases the likelihood of a successful frog.

Once you master the hopeless frog you can progress to step 3.

Step 3: Basic Frog (Not jumping over)

Step 3 the basic frog. We’re doing everything from step 2, but then with a rope. However, we’re not going to jump over the rope right away. First we’re going to practice it with a jump in between, before progressing to the final advanced frog.

Step 4: Advanced Frog

Step 4, this Is where we put it all together. Remember, keep your abs tight, your back straight, slightly bend your legs and kick off in the air to get some airtime. This vertical momentum will give your body the elevation it Needs make the rope pass underneath.

Keep practicing and start crushing those Jump Rope frogs!

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