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HOW TO JUMP ROPE TOAD: Toad Jump Rope Tutorial


The jump rope toad variation is a wonderful addition to your freestyle arsenal. It’s basically an under the leg cross and in my opinion fairly easy to learn. Next to that it’s a trick that is easy to combine with a lot of other freestyle variation including releases, crosses and even multiples!

In this blog I will break down exactly: How to Jump Rope Toad – Fast & Easy! 

To make it somewhat more digestable I’ve broken it down in steps.

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Step 1: Criss-Cross (Jump Rope Crossovers)

The first step of mastering the toad, is mastering the normal criss cross. The toad is basically a criss cross under your leg. When crossing try to point your handles backwards and make a ‘spoon like’ movement to avoid tripping over the rope. After you’ve mastered the criss cross you can move onto step 2.

Jump rope Criss-cross

Step 2: Mechanics

Now for the next steps we’re going to focus on the mechanics to make sure you use the right technique when learning the toad.

2.1 Find your dominant hand

First of all it’s important to find your dominant side. Remember the criss-cross from the last step?

Find out which arm is crossing underneath your other arm. This is your dominant arm and thus the one we’re going to put through our leg on the other side.

In the video on the bottom of this blog, you can see it’s my right arm which is crossing underneath my left leg.

2.2 Put your hand all the way through

When doing so, make sure your hands go all the way through to give the rope enough space to pass around your body.

2.3 Twist your leg in

Next off, try to twist you leg in a bit to make up for some extra space for the rope to pass around.

2.4 Don’t bend over

Finally, try not to bend over but keep your back straight. If you’re having a hard time putting your arm all the way through your leg while not bending over, try pulling your leg up higher, rather than bending over.

Now when you’ve masted this, it’s time for step 3.

Step 3: Toad (No Jumping)

So in step 3, we’re doing everything from step 2, without jumping over the rope. This step is here to have you get used to getting the toad form right. Try to catch the rope with a toe catch. That way you’re sure the rope is traveling the path is supposed to travel to jump over it in the next steps.

Try to toe catch about 10 times before progressing to the next step.

Step 4: Toad (No Jumping)

Now for step 4 we’re going to do a single under toad. Catching the rope again with a toe catch on the second rotation.

We are doing this to get used to keeping your balance while keeping one leg up in the air.

Once you’ve mastered this, it’s time to move on to the next and final step.

Step 5: How to Jump Rope Toad

Now for the toad we’re doing everything we did before and simply add the final jump.

Remember to make sure your hands go all the way through your leg, try to twist your leg in a bit and try not to bend over.

Also, don’t drop your lifted leg to the ground too fast. Rather try to keep it up in the air, and on the last open jump try to land with both feet on the ground.

Conclusion :

This trick is one of my personal favourites and in my opinion a must have in your freestyle arsenal!

I suggest you watch the video tutorial below closely, to really understand what’s happening, take a few minutes every session to practice your toad and you’ll get it very soon!

Video summary:

  1. Step 1: Normal Cross 1:48
  2. Step 2: Mechanics 2:09
  3. Step 3: Toad (No jump) 3:14
  4. Step 4: Toad Single under open toe catch (Leg lifted) 03:50
  5. Step 5: Toad 4:25


How to Jump Rope Toad Video:

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