How Many Calories Are Burned Jumping Rope

How Many Calories Are Burned Jumping Rope?

The number of calories burned jumping rope greatly depends on the length of time you spend jumping rope. However, there are some calorie-burning jump rope exercises that you can adopt to burn more calories.

This article will help you to have a good understanding of the number of calories you can burn jumping rope. Jumping rope is a fun but challenging exercise that can help you burn calories in little time.

You can burn an average of 200 to 300 calories in a mere 15 minutes workout with your jump rope. Everyone is different, but the amount of calories burned jumping rope is 15 – 25 on the average per minute. Jumping rope can help you burn about 25% more calories per minute than running. Tracking jump rope calories can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. To calculate jump rope calories burned, you can use an online calorie calculator or fitness tracking apps.

Many people see jumping rope as a “lazy” exercise, and I bet most of them won’t last 15 minutes jumping rope. However, such people can last about 30 minutes, jogging or running. This tells you how challenging and daunting jumping rope can be.


Key Takeaway

One of the significant purposes of jumping rope is to burn calories. The number of calories burned by jumping rope depends on a lot of factors. The factors affecting the rate at which you burn calories include the length of time you spend jumping rope, the number of calories in your body, and the speed of your exercise.


What Determines The Amount Of Calories Burned Jumping Rope?

Several factors impact the rate of burning calories jumping rope. Although there can be the best way to burn calories jumping rope, some key factors play a major role. These key factors include the following:

  1. The length of time you spend skipping rope
  2. Your body weight and complexity of jump rope routine
  3. The number of jumps you do or the speed of your cardio workout

There is no special way for you to learn how to burn the most calories jumping rope. If you spend more time during your jump rope workout at an increased speed, you will burn more calories. Some people have their best way to burn calories jumping rope, but the fundamental lies in the three factors above.


How Many Calories Do You Burn Jumping Rope?

There are many benefits of jumping rope, and calorie burning is one of them. The number of calories burned by jumping rope varies from one individual to another. It is hugely dependent on the type of calorie-burning jump rope exercises that you engage in. For instance, someone with a body weight of 150lbs can burn over 100 calories while jumping rope for 10 minutes at one jump per second. However, jumping rope can still help you burn fat regardless of these factors. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to burn some extra calories, grab a jump rope and start jumping!

On the other hand, a person who weighs 200lbs can burn almost 300 calories jumping rope for 15 minutes at two jumps per second.


How to Determine the Number of Calories Burned Jumping Rope – FORMULA

The number of calories burned for any exercise is not an exact science, there are always some confounding variables you can’t account for. However, there are some great methods to get a good estimate of the number of calories burned during a particular exercise.

In order to determine your totally calories burned per minute for any exercise follow the following calorie expenditure formula:

calories/minute = .0175 x MET x weight (in kilograms)

Below are some METS for various activities, use 12.3 METS for jumping rope.

calories burned jumping rope

Below is a data from the Compendium of Physical Activities through Cornell University’s METs:

  • Slow pace (fewer than 100 skips per minute) for 20 minutes
Weight 100 lbs/45Kg 125 lbs/57Kg 150 lbs/68Kg 175 lbs/79Kg 200 Lbs/91Kg 225 lbs/102Kg 250 lbs/113Kg
Calories Burned 133 168 200 233 267 300 333
  • Medium pace (100-120 skips per minute) for 20 minutes
Weight 100 lbs/45Kg 125 lbs/57Kg 150 lbs/68Kg 175 lbs/79Kg 200 Lbs/91Kg 225 lbs/201Kg 250 lbs/113Kg
Calories burned  179 224 268 313 358 402 447
  • Fast pace (120-160 skips per minute) for 20 minutes
Weight 100 lbs/45Kg 125 lbs/57Kg 150 lbs/68Kg 175 lbs/79Kg 200 Lbs/91Kg 225 lbs/201Kg 250 lbs/113Kg
Calories burned 186 233 280 326 373 419 466
calories burned jumping rope

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How To Burn Calories Jumping Rope

If you wish to have a high number of calories burned by jumping rope, you have to do it the right way. So we have come up with a simple jump rope workout guide that will help you burn those calories easily:

According to medical literature, losing weight requires creating a calorie deficit. This means you need to release more calories than you consume. Therefore, you must be conscious of what you eat to achieve this.

  • You must keep your elbows close to your side while you have your hands at waist height.
  • Hold the jump rope loosely.
  • Relax your knees, ankles, and hips, and be ready to bend and absorb your jump.
  • You should turn the rope using only your wrists and forearms, not your shoulder.
  • Jump as your jump rope comes around. You need to jump first and swing second.
  • You should land on the balls of your feet and don’t put your heels down.
  • If you get tired before the end of your workout, you can keep the rope and continue with “shadow jumping.”


To burn calories jumping rope, you need a timer to get through the workout in sessions. Following the routine below will help you achieve incredible results in a short period.


First Set:     

  • 30 seconds continuous jump rope. Take a 30 seconds rest. This should be done 7 times repeatedly

Second Set:     

  • 30 seconds continuous jump rope with alternating feet. Take a 60 seconds rest. This should be done 12 times repeatedly.
  • While doing the exercise, you should practice weight shifting and tighten your core.

Third Set:     

  • Jump rope circuit combination.
  • 30 seconds continuous jump rope. Take a 12 seconds rest.
  • Next, 30 seconds jumping jacks. Take a 12 seconds rest.
  • 30 seconds burpees. Now, take a 30 seconds rest.
  • 30 seconds of push-ups, rest more at the end.


Repeating these exercises with the best jump rope will eventually produce diminishing results. Therefore, you should consider cross-training.  However, it is ideal to consult a doctor about your plan before you begin calorie burning plan.

 You can also include weight lift training in your workout routine to hasten the calories burning activities. Weight lifting aids in releasing more energy, and it doesn’t take long before you start seeing the result.


What determines the Effectiveness of your Jumping Rope Routine?

Anyone who participates in jumping rope exercises will definitely get positive results. However, the outcome differs from one person to another. You can burn a significant amount of jump rope calories during intense workout session at the gym. Several factors constitute the effectiveness of your jump rope exercise. They include;

  • Age
  • Depth of jump rope activities
  • Diet
  • Time devoted to exercise, and
  • Weight loss objectives.

Everyone has their priorities, and not all the above factors are on the same scale of measurement for each person. For example, two people of the same age can engage in the same jump rope workout but achieve different results. This is possible if their diet differs and there is a significant difference in the time devoted to exercise.

It is important to note that doctor’s recommendation for burning calories should not exceed two pounds per week. This is because excessive weight loss can cause muscle damage, which is not good for anyone’s health.


Running vs Jumping Rope Which Burns More Calories?

There are many debates on which is a more calorie-burning workout. Runners swear they burn far more calories, especially in outdoor settings with different terrain & altitudes. On the other hand, they argue that Jumping is simply running in a particular place.

However, there are a ton of jump rope tricks to push you far beyond simple jump routines. In fact, on average, you burn 10-15 calories per minute running. While jumping rope, you burn an average of 10-20 calories per minute. So the more intense the jump rope workout, the more calories burned every minute!

Although they may be close, Jumping Rope is still a better alternative if you’re looking to burn calories fast.

Calories Burned Jumping Rope Calculator

This calculator utilizes your average metabolic rate to give an estimated amount of calories burned during your workout routine. All you have to do is enter your weight, the length of your jump exercise, and then select the average number of jumps per minute.


Calories Burned per Skipping Time

Jump rope calories can vary depending on factors such as intensity, duration, and individual body weight.

Averagely, most people will burn up to the following during skipping.

  • 35-50cal = 250 times
  • 70-100cal = 500 times
  • 105-150cal = 750 times
  • 140-200cal = 1000 times
  • 280-400cal = 2000 times.



The number of calories burned jumping rope depends on a lot of factors. If you enjoy burning calories jumping rope, you will need to pay closer attention to what we have highlighted. Jumping rope is simple to carry out, unlike other exercises like cycling, squatting, pull-ups, etc. You can share your experience and contributions using the comment box provided below. 



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