8-minute Jump Rope HIIT Workout to Tone Your Tummy and Butt

8-minute Jump Rope HIIT Workout to Tone Your Tummy and Butt

It’s a popular fact that exercising is one of the most efficient ways to trim body fat and lose weight. Also, it helps you get that snatched waistline with a banging bikini body. But, not all exercises produce equivalent results as each has different targets and purposes. So, to tone your tummy and butt, you’ll need an 8-minute jump rope HIIT workout daily.

we bet you didn’t know that a single, inexpensive skipping rope could work wonders for you. You don’t need to hit the gym to get the sexy body magic in action. All you need is 8 minutes of high intensity jump rope exercises, consistency, and dedication. If you stick to this, you’ll achieve mind-blowing results in no distant time.


Key Takeaways

You don’t need to slave away at the gym for a toned body; 8 minutes of intense jump workout routines will do the trick. Simply wear your sports clothes, pick up your jump rope and get ready to go intense. With a mix of jump roping styles and techniques, you can engage in rapid bouts of full body workout exercise that will define your abs and butt to give you the lean physique you desire.

Additionally, your 8-minute jump rope HIIT workout builds & defines your muscles, and improves metabolism, and oxygen consumption, among other benefits. Thus, you’ll look good and feel even better. When you look into a mirror after practicing this routine for a month, you’re sure to see a killer body to die for.


Tummy and Butt Toning 8-minute Jump Rope HIIT Workout

8-minute Jump Rope HIIT Workout to Tone Your Tummy and Butt

Many people crave a perfect physique, but while some get it, others do not. What differentiates both sets of people is the willingness to put in consistent efforts to reach their goals as well as the level of the intensity workouts. Although there are various methods of achieving a toned tummy and butt, the HIIT jump rope workout produces the best results within the shortest timespan.

These quick bouts of intense exercises, followed by short refractory periods, cause massive changes to your body. So, to get and maintain your dream body, let’s see the routine jump rope HIIT exercises you need to practice.


Basic Jump

Here’s how to do a basic jump.

  • Stand straight and tall with your feet close together.
  • Swing the rope with your wrists, and with slightly bent knees, jump over it.
  • Repeat at a fast pace.


Jumping Jacks

To do this;

  • Take the basic jump stance.
  • Jump while swinging the rope and land with your feet apart.
  • Jump again and land with feet closed.
  • Keep alternating both.


Double Unders

A double under involves the same movement as a basic jump. The difference is that your jump rope should complete two revolutions in one jump.


Criss Cross Jump

The crisscross jump is a variant of the basic jump involving crossing your two arms while swinging the rope around. After a revolution, you reposition your arms to normal, then cross them again when jumping.


Star Jump Burpee

Here are the steps for this.

  • Stand with feet astride and Lower into a squat.
  • Place your hands on the floor and transition into a plank.
  • Revert to the squatting position and spring into an outstretched jump.
  • Repeat these moves.


High Knees Jump

This exercise starts in the position of a basic jump, but your knees go very high. As one knee goes up, you swing the rope and jump over it, then switch the rope to pass beneath the other door in the next jump.

Below is a table showing the body toning jump rope HIIT routine combination.

Activity Duration
Jumping Jack 30 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Basic Jump 1 minute
Rest 20 seconds
Double under 1 minute
Rest 20 seconds
Crisscross jump 1 minute
Rest 20 seconds
Star jump burpee 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
High knee jump 30 seconds
Rest 20 seconds

Benefits of Jump Rope HIIT Workout

Did you know you can get much more from your 8-minute jump rope HIIT workout? Well, let’s see what other benefits you can coup.

  • A meta-analysis shows that HIIT workout (jump rope inclusive) reduces total, visceral, and abdominal fat mass.
  • A study shows that abdominal adiposity increases mortality rate. So, as this workout lessens belly fat, it also reduces the mortality rate.
  • Jump rope HIIT exercises are a form of cardio. Therefore, they strengthen the heart and lungs while reducing blood pressure.
  • It builds stronger bones by improving the bone’s mineral density.
  • It improves metabolism, balance, endurance, and coordination.

There’s still a lot to gain from engaging in an 8-minute jump rope HIIT workout. So, put it to work and see for yourself. We’re positive you’ll rerun with amazing reviews.



Not everyone knows jump roping is a HIIT exercise that can bring your imagination to reality. Now that you’re a part of the enlightened few go ahead and put your discovery (8-minute jump rope HIIT workout) to work.

If you do, you’ll be delighted with the outcome of chiseled abs, curvy butt, lean body, and well-built muscles. These attributes will give you the stride of a winner and boost your confidence so you can hold your head high wherever you are.

Dear readers, you now hold the secrets to a toned tummy and butt; it’s left for you to get your sports gear and begin exercising. We would love to help you track your progress when you begin. So, please use the comment section to share your progress reports and results with us.


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