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The Ultimate Training Guide to Lose Love Handles Fast

Often called spare tire or muffin top, people want to lose love handles. Whatever it is called, it refers to the extra weight or fat that settles around the mid-section of your body. Did the preceding sentence describe it correctly? Then, there is no doubt that your reason for being here is to find out how to get rid of love handles.

To be on the same page, let’s agree to call it love handles. Additionally, let us assume that your quest is to lose love handles.

It will make enough sense to assure you that you can get rid of love handles. However, before then, you need to be enlightened or reminded of how they got there in the first place.

Love handles come about through your lifestyle, what you eat and how you eat. To be more explicit, love handles tend to thrive in the body of people who don’t engage in enough exercise, absorb excess stress, consume unchecked calories, bad lifestyle, and deprive themselves of quality sleep.

Well, the good news is, just as they appear on your body, they can disappear if you sincerely learn and observe the two tips on how to get rid of love handles.

Key takeaways:

Unchecked routine consumption of junk and packaged foods can increase the chances of getting love handles. Lifestyles such as lack of exercise and quality sleep can also trigger muffin top. However, observing some combinations of physical exercises and proper regulation of the quantity of calory intake can help you eliminate it.

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Getting Rid of Love Handles…

Here are the two ways to get rid of love handles:

1. Regulation of Calories Consumption

lose love handles

This method of losing love handles focuses more on the quality and quantity of your diet consumption. We shall be looking at what exercises get rid of love handles subsequently. To lose love handles, you have to consume the right macronutrients like complex carbs and lean proteins into your body. These diets are capable of supplying you with energy and fiber to build strong muscles. They also help in giving you a lean muscle build so that you can look athletic or sexy.

More so, you still cannot consume the right macronutrients unmeasurably. Giving attention to the quality of your diet means just as much as monitoring the quantity of the macronutrients you consume. Why? This is because your main focus includes maintaining deficit calories by consuming only the calories that you need. How can you successfully achieve this?

2. Engaging in Simple but Intensified Rope Activities

lose love handles

You might recall the rope game as one of your childhood experiences. But does skipping rope help reduce love handles? Yes, it does. It is cost-friendly and assessable. With mere rope-skipping, you can lose love handles in a short time.

You might get marvelled and ask, how possibly does jumping rope removes love handles? It happens that finding a unique workout that can target that specific area in your body does not always prove to be effective. What appears to be effective is burning a massive percentage of calories in the entire body.

Fitness experts have answered the question, how do you jump rope to exercise love handles. This is for you tohave a lively rope-jumping experience. Some of these interesting rope-jumping methods include:


A. Crisscross Skipping

This method involves the usual basic skipping. That is jumping over the rope you’ve swung to your feet continuously. At some points, in the process of each jump, you cross and uncross your skipping rope by hand.

B. Alternate Movements Skipping

Unlike when you skip a rope by jumping and landing with your feet, this method involves landing on your left foot and then your right foot with each rotation.

C. Double Jumps Skipping

In this particular skipping style, your flexibility and bounce level are under test. You are expected to jump and skip the rope so fast that the rope goes under your feet twice before you land.

D. High Knees Skipping

High Knees Skipping adds pressure to your jump. It simply requires that your knees should be brought towards your chest when you jump.

E. Two-by-two Skipping

This method involves skipping the rope twice with one foot, switching to the other foot and continuing the foot rotation.

Final words

Your desire might not be to lose love handles in particular. Nevertheless, the quality and quantity of the diet you consume can slim your waist and regulate your body physique. Similarly, jumping rope is a significant demonstration you can adopt to expend your calories and strengthen your lungs and heart.

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