Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart: All you need to Know

When you first hear the phrase, “jump rope for heart“, you are already thinking about skipping rope and the heart. Of course, you are not far off the point, though. But it is coming from another perspective entirely. We perceive you are getting curious, knowing that it does not align with your thought.

Understandably, some people know what jump rope for heart implies. For the benefit of those who are not aware, this guide is for you.


Key Takeaway

Jump rope for the heart is an event program for raising funds designed to fight against heart disease. Furthermore, it is a friendly way to teach kids to develop healthy habits and understand giving back to society. This event usually comes up in February, with the funds raised to give public health education for research and training.


What does Jump Rope for Heart Imply?

It is a fundraising program that yearly involves elementary and middle school kids in the United States. The organizer of this fantastic event is the American Heart Association, with the objective of teaching kids. Every year, it emphasizes the importance of exercising and eating balanced diets.

Among the set objectives for the program is encouraging fundraising by giving prizes and training on jumping rope exercises. In fact, the jump rope for heart program has existed for many years. Australia and Canada are some of the countries that adopted the concepts.

One of the advantages that make the event a reputable one is its contribution to the fight against heart disease. According to a report, heart-related problems have led to the death of many United States citizens. In addition, teaching kids the habit of engaging in physical activities becomes necessary.

Since its inception in 1978, over $1.2 billion has been raised. Thanks to the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE). Also, the association has been greatly impactful by providing fundraising tools and materials for schools interested. The PE teachers are the anchors of the program after registering their schools through the website of the American Heart Association.

Jump Rope for Heart


Is it a New Fundraising Event?

This program is not new. Jump rope for heart has been running for more than four decades. It originated from a small high school gym in Milwaukee by a PE teacher named Jean Barkow. The idea was to create awareness about the health benefits of physical activity and build a community.

The inaugural jump rope fundraiser, named Jump-Rope-a-Thon, was a success, an event that featured over 200 students. Raising above $2,000 in the first year laid the foundation for subsequent programs. In 1979, the Jump Rope for Heart became an official event created by the American Heart Association.

Collaborating with American Alliance for Health, awareness about the program spread across your United States. Today, more than 34,000 elementary and middle schools participate in the events. Jump rope for heart can boast of raising more than $1 billion.

Researchers are working tirelessly to understand heart diseases. Thanks to the fundraising activities through the program.


Allocation of Jump Rope for Heart Funds

You might start to wonder where the money raised from this yearly program goes. Your curiosity is understandable. The American Heart Association dedicates this course to fighting heart disease and stroke. Based on this, public health education, researches, and training are the channels that utilize the fund raised.

A significant amount has been spent on research on heart disease across the United States. Interestingly, a few objectives have been achieved, including:

  • 1% reduction in cardiovascular disease mortality
  • 5% decrease in coronary heart disease mortality
  • Advanced training for not less than 22 million individuals yearly
  • Invested in life savings projects



How Does Jump Rope for Heart Work?

There are four unique goals that the program seeks to achieve, namely:

  • Increase the physical activities of kids
  • Enlighten kids on the importance of the hearts
  • Fundraising for heart and stroke research
  • Create awareness about the usefulness of community services

It is a 4-week activity-filled program where kids in elementary schools learn to jump rope. PE teachers are the event’s coordinators that involve open performances to parents. Education materials and posters showing heart health will be everywhere within the school premises.

Donation takes place during the process, where kid’s friends and family donate to the course. Whatever amount raised goes to the American Heart Association. The fund will be helpful for research and relevant educational programs.



Jump rope for heart is a great concept with many benefits for the US. Apart from generating funds for research, it teaches kids what it requires to maintain a healthy heart. Since it happens once a year, teachers, parents, and kids can come together to support those who need help. It’s an opportunity to contribute to funding life-saving research.


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