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Top 10 Jump Rope Challenges for Beginners - Skipping Rope Challenges

Top 10 Jump Rope Challenges for Beginners – Skipping Rope Challenges

SKipping Rope or Jumping rope elevates your heart rate and burns calories, and jump rope challenges can help exercise your muscles and improve coordination. Geraldo Alken of Elevate features new jump rope challenges on his YouTube channel each week, and his top 10 jump rope challenges for beginners are below. 

1. The Sidestep Shuffle Jump Rope Challenge

This skipping rope challenge, the sidestep shuffle is a common beginner move, making it perfect for jump rope challenges for beginners. This move is fun and easy to learn, almost mimicking dance moves with the jump rope. 

To complete the sidestep shuffle jump rope challenge, do the sidestep shuffle move for 30 seconds without stopping. You may find yourself turning in a circle when doing this jump rope challenge. That is completely normal! 

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the sidestep shuffle jump rope challenge here.

2. The EB Sideswing Challenge

Get your heartrate going with the EB sideswing challenge. While this challenge is a bit more advanced, beginners can start practicing it at any time. Don’t be discouraged if you mess up or drop your rope from time to time. Just reset and keep jumping!

To do the EB sideswing, start with your dominant side and place your dominant hand behind your back. Once you have the momentum down, push yourself by practicing on your non-dominant side as well. When you are ready to take on the full EB sideswing challenge, do the move for a full 30 seconds.

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the EB sideswing challenge here

3. The Jump Rope Crossover Challenge

The jump rope crossover challenge, or the staircase crossover challenge, is a great way to practice your crossovers. The challenge can be modified for any experience level, including beginners. 

To complete the challenge, start with a running jump. Do one crossover, a few jumps in between, two crossovers, a few jumps in between, three crossovers, and so on. Keep adding to the number of crossovers you do in a row until you reach 10, then go back to a regular jump. You can always push yourself further to see how many consecutive crossovers you can do. 

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the jump rope crossover challenge here

4. The Lunges Challenge

If you are searching for jump rope challenges that provide an excellent workout, the lunges challenge is for you. The lunges challenge works your glutes while you jump rope, providing an intense workout that is perfect for beginners or advanced levels. 

To complete this challenge, do consecutive lunges with sideswings in between. Alternate legs for your lunges and continue to do lunges for 30 seconds straight. You will work out your glutes, legs, and arms all in one move. At the end of 30 seconds, you are sure to feel the burn!

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the lunges challenge here

5. The 30-Second Sprint Skipping Rope Challenge

The 30-second sprint challenge is one of the most basic beginner jump rope challenges, but it still provides an excellent workout. Any experience level can complete the challenge and get a great benefit from it because the speed and workout intensity is entirely up to you. 

To complete the challenge, simply do a sprint jump for 30 seconds. While the challenge sounds easy, it will get your heartrate up and help you burn calories. Push yourself to see how fast you can go. If you miss a jump or drop your rope, keep going. Set up a camera or ask a friend to film you to track your progress as you practice the 30-second sprint challenge.

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the 30-second sprint challenge here

6. The WRAP Challenge 

Work those arm muscles by complete the WRAP jump rope challenge. This challenge can help improve your concentration and coordination by doing consecutive wraps. To complete the challenge, do 30 seconds of wraps with crossovers in between. You work both your dominant and non-dominant side with this challenge as you alternate from side to side. 

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the WRAP challenge here

7. The Jump Rope Knee Raise X Challenge

The knee raise challenge is great for beginners because you can control the speed. Start practicing slowly by raising one knee, putting it down, then crossing that foot over your other foot. For example, bring your right knee up and put it down while jumping. Then, cross your right foot over the left in an x-shape. Practice on each side before putting the moves together.

To complete the challenge, do the knee raise and cross combination for 30-seconds. You should alternate sides with each combo. 

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the knee raise challenge here

8. The Knee Raise Sideswing Challenge

This coordination drill is perfect to add to your jump rope workout arsenal, practicing your coordination and technique. To complete the knee raise sideswing challenge, do knee raises and sideswings at the same time for 30 seconds, alternating sides. If your left knee is up, the sideswing is on your right. If your right knee is up, your sideswing is on the left. 

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the knee raise sideswing challenge here

9. The Ankle to Knee Challenge

Keep your body and mind connected with the ankle to knee challenge. As a coordination drill, this challenge can help improve your overall jump rope practice and increase the intensity of your workouts. To complete the challenge, bring one ankle up and in front of the opposite knee. Put it back down, then bring it up and behind the knee. Complete 15 seconds of the ankle-to-knee move on one side before switching to the other ankle for 15 seconds. 

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the ankle to knee challenge here

10. The Elevate Run Challenge

Start putting some moves together in your jump rope challenges with the Elevate run challenge. The breakdown of this jump rope challenge for beginners includes a normal run, southpaw run on both sides, side swing cross on both sides, and two crossovers. Continue this combination for 30 seconds, speeding up as much as possible. 

Watch Geraldo demonstrate the Elevate run challenge here.


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