Intermediate Jump Rope Trick – The Elevate Jump Rope Move!

Today we’re going to cover one of my most requested and favorite variation which I like to call the Elevate Jump! A 3 step variation I came up with myself by combining some of the moves I know into one continuous flow. Let’s learn about the most effective intermediate jump rope move. 

The Elevate Jump consists of three moves combined into one slick variation. To make the learning curve the shortest I am going to show you the complete move from all angels, break down the separate moves, and then put it all together and get elevated!

Intermediate jump rope move comes in different forms, depending on your fitness goals. It is essential to point out jump rope moves suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

This blog will be discussing the Elevate jump variation to help intermediate fitness enthusiasts gain more from their workout. It consists of three jump rope workouts combined to form one slick variation.

The first move is the side swing crossover, followed by the crossover EB, and the last one is the double swing cross. Jump rope workouts are ideal for helping you stay fit. However, you can achieve it in a shorter time with the Elevate jump variation.

It might look tricky; we will help you with the process. Below is a complete breakdown of the Elevate jump variation.


Side Swing Cross

This technique is essential when learning different jump rope tricks. If you can perfect the side swing cross, you can easily adapt to other Elevate jump variation components. In the video attached to this blog, you will see the tutorial on doing side swing cross correctly.


Crossover EB

The next after the side swing is crossover EB. Jump rope experts can relate to this intermediate jump rope move. It begins with the usual jumping before advancing into the tricks. The crossover EB is the second because you need momentum to do it properly. Without that, you may not get over the rope, disrupting the Elevate jump variation.


Double Swing Cross

This drill is technical, making it suitable for enhancing vertical jumps. Basketballers practice these jump rope techniques to perfect lifting themselves off the ground. It requires jumping high enough to allow for rotating the rope twice before landing. It also requires a regular jump from the start. You can do as many double swings in a row to feel the impact on you.

The three jump ropes tricks are intermediate jump rope moves that form Elevate Jump Variation. So, there are few differences as opposed to doing them individually. We have the video attached to this blog for better understanding.



Now let’s bring it together to form the slick variation to achieve the intermediate jump rope move.

As indicated earlier, side swing is essential if you want to learn other tricks. It’s pretty easy to understand. Transition happens from the side swing to the crossover after regular jumps. After completing the crossover, another transitioning occurs, bringing us to EB.

So, you can return to the side swing with the non-dominant hand after the crossover with the dominant hand. When doing this, the non-dominant hand should be away from your core to prevent strangling. The rope needs space to rotate around your body.

This is the most challenging part of the Elevate jump variation. It requires coordination and momentum. You can finally become a pro at doing the EB of the Elevate jump variation with consistency.

The double-cross comes next after the EB. The wrist work is very important for this jump rope trick to get it done. You must learn to get the rope around your body faster. It will make a lot of difference in understanding the double-cross. Your body can start to master the Elevate jump variation like never before.

What’s More?


intermediate jump rope move

Remember that on the part with double cross, your dominant hand wins the match to rotate the rope faster. Also, do with caution because you will likely slap yourself several times. However, it’s worth trying to stay fit.

What are you waiting for? Start practicing this intermediate jump rope move to take your workout to another level.

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Jumping rope is one of the best end most efficient ways to keep fit and lean all year round! There simply isn’t a better substitute to keep your muscles in shape and visible, melt fat and improve your hand/feet coordination and improve your mental and sporting performance overall.

Elevate with me!

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