My Top 4 Jump Rope Moves for 2020! (Elevate Variations EXPOSED)!

BEST JUMP ROPE MOVES FOR 2022: My Top 4 Elevate Variations EXPOSED!

In this video, I am going to cover my four favorite Elevate variations you HAVE to learn in 2020!


BEST Jump Rope Moves for 2022 EXPOSED!

The video contains the four elevate moves separately, from different angles, zoomed in and in slow motion. Next to that, there’s also a clip added where I sync all of my favorite 2020 Jump rope moves together for you to see how it looks like when you’ve mastered them all!

Some people associate rope jumping with childhood games without realizing that it’s an extremely efficient exercise. Notwithstanding, this exercise has helped many achieve their body goals and overall body fitness. However, indulging in the best jump rope moves requires effort.

Nevertheless, trust me when I say that the result is pleasing. You don’t need to buy expensive sports gear and visit a high-class gym to get a physique that’ll get you grinning. Jump rope is an easy, inexpensive sport that does the trick.


Key Takeaways

Everyone knows the basic jump rope exercise where you jump and simultaneously swing and rotate a rope. Well, that’s just like plain old vanilla. I guarantee you’ll get bored with it after some time and push you to seek out more exciting moves.

The good news is that there are tons of new 2022 best jump rope moves to invigorate you with passion and excitement. With these moves, you can jump tirelessly and let the burst of fitness engulf you. Consequently, the sooner you begin to practice, the better.


2022 Best Jump Rope Moves

2022 Best Jump Rope Moves

Exercise is a thrilling physical activity that brings out your best. But, it’s even more interesting when you take it a notch up by adding spice. As we all know, variety is the spice of life.

Enough of the plain jumps; it’s the second quarter of the new year. Let’s infuse your jumping routine with maximum fun. No pain, no gain, but who says you can’t enjoy the pain?

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the best jump rope moves of 2022.


Speed Jump Rope

Speed jump takes basic jump a notch up. Set a specific number of jumps to accomplish within a specific time. This move engages more rapid contractions while making you go faster and achieve more. You could use a lightweight rope for ease.


Half Jack Double Under

Jump with your feet together and rotate the rope over your body twice in one jump. Then jump with your feet astride and spin the rope, so it revolves twice in a likewise manner.


Triple Twist

Do a basic jump, twist your legs, and angle your knees to the right. Again, swing your rope, then jump and face forward. Next, jump and angle your knees diagonally to the left. Keep alternating between middle, right, and left.


Stagnant Run

Run on a spot while revolving your rope around your body and under each foot when you lift it. Assuming the first swing goes beneath your right foot, the next should be beneath the left.

This brief list of simple best jump rope moves will be the best variants you’ll ever try. Trust me, you will love these jumps wholeheartedly.



There you have it; the best jump rope moves ever! Do you want to know an exciting fact? These tricks never grow old, and their benefits never fade. So practice these new moves and bask in the joy of rope jumping today!

Hello rope jumpers, I hope you’ll include these cool moves you just learned into your routines. Share the fun you enjoyed with us and update us on the benefits if you do. We look forward to interacting with you in the comment box below!

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Jumping rope is one of the best end most efficient ways to keep fit and lean all year round! There simply isn’t a better substitute to keep your muscles in shape and visible, melt fat and improve your hand/feet coordination and improve your mental and sporting performance overall. Elevate with me!

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