Top 5 Benefits of Jumping Rope

Benefits of Jumping Rope Introduction

Jumping Rope .. uhm .. Isn’t that for little kids and professional fighters?

Is what a lot of people think.

But did you know that jumping rope can burn op to 25% more calories per minute than jogging does?

Having said that, jumping rope builds your fitness, athletic skills, and even your mindset in ways few other exercises can match.

Key Takeaway

‘Jumping rope has an amazing amount of benefits. You can do it anywhere, with a minimal financial investment, incredible freedom and it is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat and build lean muscle.’ 

A jump rope slipped in your backpack or bag can be brought along on a trip, to work, school or done in the living room while you’re watching your kids — or watching TV.

This blog post will get teach you all about the art and benefits of jumping rope in no time!

But first ..

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1. Burning Calories
2. Coordination
3. Cognitive Functionalities
4. Portability
5. FUN

1. Burning Calories

Now did you know that jumping rope can burn up to 15 to 20 calories per minute!?

The average person could burn 200 to 300 calories in a simple 15 minute jump rope workout which is 25% more calories per minute than running.

Awesome right?

The number of calories burned jumping rope will be greater the more you weigh and using weighted ropes will increase your amount of calories burned even more!

There’s a variety of exercises that help you lose weight even faster. You can find a great variety of exercises here – Jump Rope Exercises to Shred off fat FAST! 

Burning Calories jumping rope

2. Coordination

Another benefit of jumping rope is that it helps to improve your coordination. In order to jump rope properly, you must focus on improving your timing. Next to that you can add in tricks to make it more complicated or in my opinion, more engaging.

The rhythm of jumping rope can help to improve the coordination between your eyes, feet and hands.

To top it off, implementing jump rope exercises is also great for sports where you’re constantly changing directions as it gets you light on your feet.

3. Cognitive Functionalities

Jumping rope also increases your cognitive functionalities. This is because jumping rope involves learning new and challenging combinations. These variations improves the nervous system communication between your brain, wrists and lower leg muscles. This, in turn, helps to improve your overall cognitive function!

4. Portability

You can jump rope basically everywhere!

No matter where you go, if you pack a jump rope in your suitcase you’re good to crush those routines!

The portability of jump ropes make them an excellent option for outdoor workouts at your favorite park or exercise course.

Many city parks have pull-up bars and other outdoor exercise facilities. With a jump rope, you can get an awesome total-body workout by combining your favorite exercises on the available equipment with one- to three-minute jump rope intervals.

5. FUN

We could go to the gym and lift some weights, go running, biking or do some other exercises to stay fit.

However, there are little exercises that beat jumping the rope as a way to keep in shape and form those muscles.

Next to that it’s super-fun!

There are a million different routines and variations you could try to master.

It’s a wonderful way to challenge yourself, it looks cool and best of all it keeps you fit!

Now for those of you who prefer video format over text, I’ve created a video explaining all the benefits we’ve covered: 

Feel Free to skip over to the part of the video that you want to see:
1. Burning Calories 1:43
2. Coordination 2:37
3. Cognitive Functionalities 3:25
4. Portability 3:51
5. FUN 4:42

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