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Jump Rope for Swimmers? Top 10 Best Reasons

Swimmers undergo some of the most rigorous training among all athletes. The reason is that swimming takes a lot of energy. Therefore, it requires a certain level of fitness. Jump rope for swimmers is more than just a fun activity. It has some exciting and essential benefits. Thankfully, you will discover them as you read on.

Having a tip to simultaneously add a little fun to your swim training session is essential. Specifically, a great way of increasing your speed is by jumping rope. And if you want to increase your strength a heavy jumping rope would do the work.


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Key Takeaways

Swimming is a stressful activity that requires extra strength and training.  There are a lot of reasons swimmers should jump ropes.

Fortunately, jumping rope is an excellent exercise for swimmers. It helps relieve fatigue, build muscles, increase pulmonary functions, and many more. Above all, jumping rope is fun and exercising!


Tips for Jumping Rope

Before you stretch out those muscles jumping rope, there are a few things to consider. They include:


     – Jump on the balls of your feet:

When jumping rope, try your best to ensure you softly jump up and down, landing on the balls of your feet.


     – Avoid jumping too high:

Keeping your jumps as short as possible will help burn less energy and save you migraines and possible chest pains. Furthermore, it will reduce the chances of falling while jumping.


     – Use the correct rope length:

When your rope is too long, it will most likely tangle and cause you to trip. Therefore, always get a sizable rope that is not too long and not too short. An old measuring method holds both edges of the jump rope and ensures the bottom touches the floor.


     – Get in a rhythm:

Following a rhythm will help keep you on track while jumping. In addition, it makes the exercise fun and enables you to count better too.


     – Keep practicing:

When you start jumping rope, you shouldn’t stop on the way. It may be quite stressful for the first few tries, but practice makes perfect!


     – Avoid swinging your arms too much:

Over swinging your arms will make you tired quickly, and you may pull a muscle too. You don’t want that, do you?


Top 10 Best Reasons Swimmers Should Jump Rope

There are a lot of benefits of jumping rope as a swimmer. Let’s take a look at some of them:


     1. Builds strong ankles

Unlike what most people think, ankle flexibility and agility are essential for swimming. Therefore, you will need them for starts.

Ankles play crucial roles when it comes to the “underwater dolphin kick.” They also create propulsion to help you move faster.


     2. Improves agility and swiftness

Agility and speed are significant when it comes to fast swimming. Fortunately, jump rope for swimmers will help enhance them. Jumping rope allows swimmers have strong underwater movement while maintaining a quick kicking motion.


     3. Enhances coordination

As a swimmer, you need all your muscles to work in uniformity for you to be able to carry out some strokes. Jump rope helps these muscles attain this required coordination.


     4. Enhances breathing efficiency

Jumping rope helps build the tolerance you have when you are out of air. It will enhance your breathing efficiency and help you stay calm during high-intensity situations such as underwater stunts.


     5. Increases endurance and stamina

Swimmers will need the amount of stamina built up during jumping rope in swimming. This is true, especially whenever you lose balance or experience unexpected water tides (for surfers). In addition, the stamina built over time also helps increase fast body movement.


     6. Lower injury risks

Jump rope for swimmers helps to build tendons and applies little force on joints. This means you will be exercising more with less chance of getting hurt.


     7. Training flexibility

One fascinating thing about jumping rope is that it doesn’t require any special training ground. The good news is when you are away and can’t have your swimming training, you can alternate with a jump rope.


     8. Enhances cardiovascular system

Jump rope aids in burning calories. It’s, in fact, the best cardio exercise for swimmers as it reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.


     9. Enhances pulmonary functions

One of the reasons swimmers should jump rope is that it helps in blood circulation, which enhances their lungs capacity. Moreover, you will need enhanced lungs capacity to be able to hold air while underwater.


     10. Relieves fatigue

If you jump rope correctly, it helps relieve stress and all the heaviness swimming makes you feel. In fact, remember the popular saying, ” a tired soldier is a liability to the team.”



Jumping rope builds fast-twitch fibers in the shoulders, forearms, and deltoids. Therefore, your workout session is a great way to warm up and enhance muscle fiber production. It also makes the scapula flexible.

Another reason swimmers should jump rope is that Jump roping reduces the risks of muscle pulls during swimming.

In conclusion, we have seen many reasons and tips for rope jumping. Therefore, you should consider adding the exercise to your workout sessions.

What do you think about this article? Are you convinced that jumping rope is beneficial to swimmers? Let’s hear your opinion in the comment section.


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