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Elevate Ambassadors are screened and earn up to 10-20% Commissions per sale!

We want our ambassadors to be authentic, driven, spread positive vibes and we want to make sure it’s a good fit for both parties. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become an Elevate Family Member, feel free to apply below!


Meet our beautiful Elevate Family

Our Ambassadors are handpicked from the jump rope community according to skill, energy and more importantly a positive engaging attitude.

You will get added in one of our many Instagram jump rope groups to engage with fellow family members and help us spread positive jump rope vibes across the world!

You aren’t forced to anything, and can be as active or inactive as you’d like to be.

FREEDOM is something we value a lot!

As a bonus if you get accepted, you’ll get a personal link + discount code that your fans can use to purchase a rope or set of ropes through our website.

Commissions earned: 10 – 20% per sale.

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    571 referrals  |  €3,897.97 earnings

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    123 referrals  |  €784.49 earnings

  3. beppie

    124 referrals  |  €608.82 earnings

  4. M Syahril Lutfi

    3 referrals  |  €271.97 earnings

  5. rmculentas

    46 referrals  |  €222.49 earnings

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