Top 5 Benefits of Working Out with A Partner

Top 5 Benefits of Working Out with A Partner

Working out is a means of relaxation and exercise. However, sometimes, working out alone may seem a bit difficult, specifically when you workout at home. This is where working out with a partner comes in. That said, working out with someone has many benefits. For this purpose today, we will be looking at the top 5 benefits of working out with a partner.


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No matter how uneasy and tiring working out seems, you have to trust that it gets better with a companion.  Notwithstanding, having someone to workout with has a lot of benefits.

The top 5 benefits of working out with a partner, in brief, include competition, companionship, dedication to the workout session, experience, and fun.

Benefits of Working Out With A Partner

As aforementioned, working out with a partner has a couple of benefits attached to it. Some of these benefits of working out with a partner include:


1.    Increased motivation level

Many of us are not enthusiastic about jumping out of our beds in the mornings to workout. However, this is normal. Intrinsic motivation never comes easy to many people, and here is where partner workouts take the spotlight. It has a good social component to motivation attached.

Motivation is one of the most significant of the top 5 benefits of working out with a partner.  That said, your partner is capable of:

  • Pushing you through one more round.
  • Encouraging you to carry a heavier weight, and
  • Most of all, boost your confidence when you consider quitting.

Therefore, selecting the right partner for your workout is key to motivation and the other benefits of working out with someone. Research studies from the University of Aberdeen found that pairs workout more frequently than those who fly solo.


2.    Accountability

In this case, our approach to accountability will be from a quite different angle. Whenever it comes to fitness goals, consistency is everything. By adding accountability, you’re about to experience wonderful effects on consistency.

The key to being consistent is staying accountable to someone. An example is when you and a friend of yours plan to do a squat workout every day for the next week. The likelihood of carrying out this challenge will be big since you wouldn’t want to disappoint your friends by ditching them. Another thing is you need an emotional attachment to your workout partner.  Moreover, when you care less about letting your workout partner down, this isn’t going to work.

Your workout partner doesn’t necessarily have to be your best pal, but it should be someone you respect enough not to let down. Psychologically, if you feel commitment or responsibility towards someone, you’re most likely to stick to a commitment. By working out with a friend, the chances of giving up are slim.

Furthermore, you’ll get faster results because you’re consistent.


3.    A healthy competition

In addition, If you want to see the results of the workouts, you should pair up with someone on the same fitness level as you or slightly better. Never stress if your workout partner is fitter than yourself.

Scientifically, the Kohler effect proves that individuals were better in teams than alone. Especially the less capable persons. A study tested the Kohler theory by looking to see whether:

  • A virtually present individual could influence exercise.
  • It could influence motivation to exercise longer.

As a result, if you’re going to get more out of your workout sessions, you need to pair up.

Top 5 Benefits of Working Out with A Partner.

4.    Fresh Learning experiences

Just like working out with someone with more experience. It is quite fun to pair with someone who enjoys different kinds of workouts.  Consequently, if you and your workout partner can learn from each other, the whole fitness experience adds more value.

Also, trying out new things with a workout partner helps ease off some pressure.  Sometimes, the reasons we shy away from new practices are intimidation and nervousness. However, the case is different when you have an expert partner. You both can now offer each other support by stepping out of your comfort zone.

5.    Fun

We have made a good case out of how working out with a partner will fetch you really impressive results. However, we should not forget that exercises should always be fun. Exercising alone gets quite boring without a partner. There should always be a smile on your face during workouts and having a partner helps achieve this.



Exercising is a great way to stay healthy. Asides from going on diets and using pills, there are a lot of things exercises suffice for.

However, exercising alone sometimes becomes very boring and tiring, and that’s why we have put together the benefits of working out with a partner.  It will help you see why you need to work out with someone to get effective results despite your different fitness levels.

What are your thoughts about this article? Do you now have enough reason to get a partner to work with? We’re interested in what you think. Please let us know in the comment section below.


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