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The Hyperbolic Trick Chamber

Where tricks slow down and start to make sense. 

Beginner Tricks

Learn the Boxer Skip

Learn the Double Under

Learn the Sideswing Crossover

Learn the Eb

Learn the Eb Sideswing

Learn the Arm Wrap X

Learn to Southpaw Double Under

Learn to 360 spin

Learn to do Crossovers

Intermediate Tricks

Learn the Elevate 360 Wrap

Learn the Mic Release

Learn the Toad

Learn the Mamba Release (Side to Side Release)

Learn the EB 180 Wrap*Kick Back 

Learn the Arm Wrap Toad

Learn the MIC EB Sideswing

Learn the MIC Sideswing Cross

Learn the Sideswing Crossover Leg Wrap

Advanced Tricks

Learn The Frog (Handstand)

Learn The Mic x Leg x Arm 360 Wrap 

Learn The Wrap x EB-Toad x Side x Cross

Learn The Side to Side Mic x Front kick Stall x Reverse BL Release x Heel catch

Learn The SC BW BL 360 Release

Learn The 360 SC STALL to BW SC STALL

Learn The Step Through Release

PRO Tricks

Learn to do the Quad: SOCO (Sideswing-Open-Cross-Open)
Learn to do the ELEVATE TURN&TWIST
Learn to do the ELEVATE 540

Learn to do the BL Stall (BW) - BL Mic (BW) - EB - Kickback Combo

Learn to do the BOZA Combo

Learn to do the Kamikaze (Push up jump)

Learn to do a PRO leg wrap

Learn to Mic x leg wrap x leg over cross

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