The Elevate Run Challenge! – Jump Rope Challenges #ElevateChallenges

What’s going on guys and welcome to already the Tenth Episode of Elevate Challenges! This week’s challenge will be the Elevate Run Challenge! On this channel I will be upload one new Jump Rope Challenge every weekend to get you guys engaged and motivated to practice new tricks and variations to improve your jump rope skills and arsenal. Make sure to use #elevatechallenges and tag me @geraldo.alken to hop on the Challenge and to be featured on my Instagram. The Elevate run is is The perfect drill to improve coordination and off course that mind and body connection. It’s a pretty tough one, so start out slow, before trying to max it out on speed. I’ll throw in a slow motion sample, for you to see exactly what do. So without further ado, let’s dive into the challenge.

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