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How to Shoot Workout Videos at Home

Home Workout Videos Shooting: Tips and Techniques for Great Results

Do you want to create on-demand online fitness videos? Do you like celebrity fitness videos? Not to worry. We will show you how to shoot great workout videos like a pro. It can be unnerving for beginners to create videos without a fancy camera crew and professional producers. We can create impressive content with simple equipment, showing you how.


How to Shoot Workout Videos at Home?

Many viewers appreciate genuine heartfelt content over sophisticated, polished videos, as people appreciate simplicity. You do not need a famous makeup artist and expensive gear. Be yourself in your regular gym wear, take out your mobile, and start shooting. We will show you how to create a fitness video that will not burn a hole in your pocket. You do not even have to go to a fancy location for this. You can shoot in your living room.


Prepare for the Shoot

Identify the areas you want to cover and time yourself working out. Gather technical details of the workouts, and decide what you want to share. You can work with friends to ensure your form is correct and prepare to demonstrate the right and wrong way of doing the exercise. Write your script and keep the storyline tight. Too much conversation makes the video boring, and too little makes it unclear.

Practice being natural. Make the camera your friend. Do not be shy to make eye contact and speak to it like a person. Do not underestimate the benefit of practice. The more you practice, the more natural the video will turn out. You should practice using your camera and choose a comfortable angle. You can enlist the help of your friends and family to handle the camera or be around to hand you a towel or a glass of water.


The Actual Shoot

A phone camera is perfectly fine to shoot your workout videos, but you should use a phone stand to shoot the video, so the picture is steady. Always record the video horizontally, as it works with most video platforms. If you record vertically, you will find it tough to adjust the video within the frame. One issue with using a phone camera is that the phone might ring while shooting. A simple trick to avoid this is to set your phone in airplane mode.

It is important to make sure you do not have any branding in your video to avoid copyright violations. Do a quick scan of the room and remove any bottles, labels, or branding. You can choose to record using the inbuilt mic of your phone or record only visuals. If you are recording from the phone directly, make sure to be in a quiet place with no background noise.

It is worth investing in an external high-quality audio device and mixing the visual and sound later in the post-production stage. If budget constraints do not permit this, find a quiet place and record. The most important aspect of shooting a fitness video is to enjoy being recorded. If you are having fun, it shows. People like watching instructors who make workouts enjoyable.

How to Shoot Workout Videos at Home

Gather Feedback and Iterate

Once your final video is ready, show it to family and friends. Hear their constructive feedback and make corrections if needed. If your workouts are intended for new mothers, find someone you know personally in that target group and gather feedback.

Sometimes the feedback may need you to reshoot parts of your video or sometimes change your storyline. Do not hesitate to iterate. Watch the footage on different devices like mobiles, computers, and TV. Make sure your video looks good on all of these. Rework and reshoot if something can be improved.



If you are not tech-savvy, you will need help at this stage. Use a good online video editor to edit your workout videos. Once the video shooting is complete, you may have to edit the video. Editing may involve small tweaks to the footage to trim it down. If you have to fit the video into a certain time frame, you must edit to achieve it.

Sometimes, graphics need to be added. A common graphic is a stopwatch to show the ideal duration of the workout. Audio clarity may have to be fixed if an open mic is used in a room that is not soundproof. The editor must overlay the sound file with the visuals if you have used a separate audio device.

If you are using music for your workouts, that has to be overlaid correctly. Fitness videos without peppy workout music are boring. Remember that you must comply with the copyright laws of the music you use. Make sure you know the details before you publish your video content.



Once the video completes the post-production stage, it is time to make it viral. You should upload the video on all the popular social media platforms. There are two ways you can make money from your fitness workout videos. Either charge for video access or run free and earn from ads.

Set up your website if you plan to make more workout videos at home. Having a website will allow you to decide on various monetizing strategies later. Social media works as a great marketing tool. Use it to generate interest in your videos and attract new customers.



You do not have to be a professional to shoot a workout video. You need a basic phone, basic editing skills, and a few friends to help. Prepare well before your shoot. Write a strong script, and do not be afraid to be yourself. Practice well and make sure your form is correct. Spend time editing the video to determine the final quality.

Enjoy the process of making the video. Finally, use social media and online presence to get the video to your audience. Consider various ways of monetizing your content. We hope these tips help you learn about creating high-quality workout videos at home. Happy workouts!


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