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Santa’s Secret Way to Stay in Shape – Elevate Rope Gift Guide



Discover Santa’s secret to staying fit during the festive season with our exclusive gift guide featuring Elevate Rope’s jump rope bundles. These carefully curated gifts are ideal for encouraging health and fitness among your loved ones. Blending the joy of the holidays with the benefits of an active lifestyle, our gift guide offers a selection of bundles tailored to suit every fitness enthusiast’s needs.



Our Curated Selection in the Elevate Rope Holiday Gift Guide:

In this key part of our holiday gift guide, we present our top picks from Elevate Rope, each bundle thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique fitness needs and goals of your loved ones. Whether it’s for a fitness fanatic or someone just beginning their fitness journey, our holiday gift guide offers the perfect choice for every enthusiast. Explore this carefully curated selection from our gift guide, ensuring that you find a gift that perfectly aligns with the fitness aspirations of those you care about.


1. Gift for Your Gym Buddy with a Purpose

The Ascent Bundle is perfect for your gym buddy. Featuring a speed rope and beaded rope, it’s ideal for enhancing their workout routine with fun and efficiency. Including: 1x Speed Rope, 1x Beaded Rope.

🎄 Holiday Special: Make their fitness routine merry and bright!
🎁 Grab the Gift: Spread cheer with the Ascent Bundle – available here!



2. For Your Friend that Wants to Lose Weight

Help a friend on their weight-loss journey with the Athlete Bundle. This comprehensive set offers various ropes and a workout app, ideal for a fun and effective exercise routine. Including: 1x Speed Rope, 1x Beaded Rope, 1x Long Handle Rope, 1x Heavy Rope (10MM PVC Cable – 0.5KG), 1x Elevate Family Wristband, 1x Access to our Elevate Shred (Workout App)

🎄 Festive Fitness: The perfect gift to support their New Year resolutions!
🎁 Grab the Gift: Help them start strong – Athlete Bundle available here!


3. For Your Boxing Buddy

Boost your boxing buddy’s training with the Combat Bundle. Complete with a variety of ropes and accessories, it’s specially designed for boxing and fitness enthusiasts. Including: 1x Speed Rope, 1x Heavy Rope, 1x Wristband, 1x Elevate Shred Jump Rope App (Workout App)

🎄 Season’s Greetings: Knock out their fitness goals this holiday!
🎁 Grab the Gift: Score the perfect punch – Combat Bundle available here!


4. For Your Yoga Guru: Enhance Their Practice with the Perfect Gift! 

This bundle, including a speed rope and a jump rope mat, is a thoughtful gift for yoga lovers, adding a cardio element to their yoga practice. Including: 1x Speed Rope, 1x Jump Rope Mat

🎄 Wellness Wishes: Add a twist of festivity to their yoga practice!
🎁 Find Balance: Elevate their routine with our dynamic Speed Rope here.
🎁 Extra Zen: Pair with our premium mats for the ultimate yoga experience here.





5. For Your Bestie Who’s Always on the Go: The Ultimate Travel Workout

The Ascent Bundle, along with a jump rope bag, is perfect for friends who travel frequently. It’s a convenient way to keep up with their fitness regime on the move. Including: 1x Speed Rope, 1x Beaded Rope, 1x Jump Rope Bag

🎄 Traveler’s Treat: Keep their fitness journey going, no matter the destination!
🎁 Grab the Gift: Ascent Bundle for fitness anywhere – get it here.
🎁 Extra Surprise: Add travel-friendly accessories – find them here.


6. Fitness Fun for Your Little Ones: A Kid-Friendly Gift: Kids Bundle

The Kids Bundle is designed for children to stay active and enjoy themselves. It features customizable beaded ropes, ideal for encouraging physical play. Including: 1x Boys colourway, 1x Girls colour way, 1x Unisex colour way (8Ft Specially for kids between 1.30CM and 1.60CM) Or a build your own rope.

🎄 Jolly Jumps: The perfect playful present for your little ones!
🎁 Grab the Bundle: Delight them with the Kids Bundle here.
🎁 Customize it: Create their own rope for extra fun here.


7. The Gift Mom Needs for a Healthy Heart

The Ascent MAX Bundle is an excellent gift for moms who are focused on maintaining a healthy heart. It includes ropes for various workout intensities, aiding in cardiovascular health. Including:  1x Speed Rope (choice of 10+ colors), 1x Beaded Rope (choice of 10+ colors), 1x Heavy Rope (10MM PVC Cable – 0.5KG), Free access to our Elevate Shred Jump Rope app, 1x Elevate Family wristband

🎄 Heartfelt Holiday: Show Mom your love with every leap!
🎁 Grab the Gift: Heart-healthy happiness starts here – Ascent Max Bundle available here!


8. The Essential Fitness Arsenal for Dad’s Well-Being

For dads who are serious about their fitness, the Ascent Max Bundle is a comprehensive fitness package. It’s an ideal gift for dads committed to their health and well-being. Including:  1x Speed Rope (choice of 10+ colors), 1x Beaded Rope (choice of 10+ colors), 1x Heavy Rope (10MM PVC Cable – 0.5KG), Free access to our Elevate Shred Jump Rope app, 1x Elevate Family wristband

🎄 Seasonal Strength: Gift Dad the tools for a healthier new year!
🎁 Grab the Gift: Empower his fitness journey – Ascent Max Bundle here!


9. The Gift of Active Aging: Perfect for Your Grandparents

The Beginners Bundle is a great option for grandparents. It provides a gentle yet effective way for them to stay active and fit in their later years. Including: 1x Speed Rope (choice of 10+ colors), 1x Beaded Rope (choice of 10+ colors), 1x Jump Rope Mat (150x110x0.6CM), Free access to our Elevate Shred Jump Rope app, 1x Elevate Family wristband

🎄 Golden Years Gifting: Encourage joyful movement for your grandparents!
🎁 Grab the Gift: Celebrate their wellness – Beginners Bundle available here!



In our holiday gift guide, you’ll find that each option in Elevate Rope’s diverse range of jump rope bundles is more than just a present; they’re thoughtful selections in our carefully crafted gift guide, designed to show your loved ones you care about their well-being. This gift guide is your go-to resource for spreading the joy of active living this festive season. Choose from our guide’s varied selection to give the gift of health and fitness, and let these bundles be a testament to your care and attention in selecting the perfect holiday gifts.

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