Ultimate Guide to RPM Jump Rope Exercise

Ultimate Guide to RPM Jump Rope Exercise

RPM Jump Rope Exercise is a great way to improve the human cardiac system. The need for this exercise in physical and healthy fitness cannot be overemphasized. A lot of people might not understand the benefits of RPM training. However, it is essential to note that the RPM jump rope workout for 10 minutes could be as effective as 30 minutes of jogging.

This article will give you helpful guides and tips about this revolution per minute (RPM) jump rope training and routine.


Key Takeaways

Performing exercises and workouts like rope jump certainly comes with a significant influence on your fitness level. This article highlights the benefits of rope jump to the cardiovascular system, weight loss, and its impact on improving agility and speed. The guide to routine RPM exercise that involves other workout sessions is also helpful. Finally, the factors that decide how long you should do an RPM exercise have also been discussed.

Why Should I do an RPM Jump Rope Exercise?

The jump rope is an effective RPM exercise for workout sessions. There are a lot of benefits to this exercise that you cannot overlook. Below, I will briefly highlight the importance of an RPM jump rope workout.


Weight Loss

If there is anything specific that this exercise does, it burns calories. If you are looking to lose some weight, this workout session would be essential in that quest. This exercise is also suitable for losing weight because jumping a rope might be the most effortless workout session you could get.

The effectiveness of this exercise is also clear from research. Studies from Whats Cooking America show that you can burn up to 110 calories in 10 minutes of rope jumping.


Improves Cardiovascular Performance

Another advantage of rope jumping comes from its impact on the cardio system of our body. Suppose you are looking for a workout session that enhances your endurance level; jump rope can be effective. That is why people could get fatigued less quickly when playing sports.


Agility and Speed

The muscles are very well in action whenever you are rope jumping. This action positively impacts your muscle fibers, which gives room for strength and pace. Rope Jumping exercise can be an easy way to get agility and speed without a full-blown gym workout.

The few benefits above show the importance of this exercise, especially if you feel the RPM jump rope exercise might not be necessary.


The Ultimate RPM Jump Rope Exercise Guide

Since you know how vital the jump rope exercise is, we will guide you to complete RPM training. This section will show you a perfect routine to perform with your jump rope exercise.


  • Firstly, you should use the RPM speed rope 4.0 to perform jump roping exercises. See the price of the rope here
  • You can switch between regular rope jumping, one leg high knee jumping, and one leg high heel jumping. Also, it is advisable to alternate between your legs when performing this exercise.
  • Perform all these jump rope exercises about 100 times each.
  • After the jump rope exercise, you should take a few seconds of rest before starting some workout sessions.
  • Do some pushups, squat jumps, bicycles, and side planks push-ups for 30 seconds each while resting after every workout.
  • Repeat the jump rope exercise.

This routine should be added to your activities to get a good jump roping experience.


How Long Should I Jump Rope?

There are a few reasons you could need to perform this exercise more or less often. It would be appropriate to do a jump rope exercise three times a week. But the question lies in, how long should I jump rope?  Generally, you can jump rope as often as 3-4 times every week for 15 to 20 minutes. Longer jump rope sessions could also last between 20 minutes to an hour.

However, if you want to know how long is appropriate for an RPM jump rope exercise, consider the following;


  • Your Endurance level; Although jump roping is an exercise that enhances endurance, it is essential to consider your fitness level. You have to be cautious to avoid over burning out energy. If you feel tired, it is advisable to stop.
  • Your Skill level; Your skill level would also be vital in deciding how long you can perform a jump rope exercise. A beginner would easily get injured if they performed a jump-roping exercise for too long. That is why your skill level also plays an important role.
  • Pre-existing Injuries; Your previous injury would be a deciding factor to how long you can do a jump-roping exercise. If you are going to jump rope with an injury, you need to take a lot of breaks and be cautious.
  • Your fitness goals; The fitness level you are trying to attain is vital to how long you should do a jump rope exercise. That is because it affects your duration and intensity when performing this exercise.



So, this article has covered a helpful guide on a great routine workout for RPM jump rope training and exercise. The benefits of this exercise are many, and we have highlighted a few of them.

It is also important to note how long you should do an RPM Jump rope exercise. The routine and workout session for this exercise would also be beneficial.

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