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10 Insane Jump Rope Variations to Challenge You

You can get an incredible workout with just one, simple piece of equipment. A jump rope can help you burn calories and complete an intense cardio workout in your own home or at the gym. Whether you are new to jumping rope or an experienced pro, learning new jump rope variations can mix up your workouts and keep things from getting boring. 


Learning new jump rope variations makes you focus, working on your coordination and cardio at the same time. Challenging yourself can take your workouts to the next level and keep you engaged. Keep reading for ten insane jump rope variations to challenge you during your next workout. 


Table of Contents

  1. The High Knee Step
  2. Criss-Cross
  3. The Scissors
  4. One Foot Hop
  5. Side Straddle
  6. Mummy Kicks
  7. Half and Full Twist
  8. Heel-Toe Step
  9. Backward Jumping
  10. Boxer Steps


     1. The High Knee Step

This jump rope variation introduces a simple trick that packs a big punch. If you want to intensify your cardio workout, the high knee step is for you. By using a skipping motion, the high knee step increases your movement while jumping rope. You will engage your lower body and core while practicing this skill, which increases your heart rate and burns calories faster. 


To complete the high knee step, you can start by practicing the motion without your jump rope. Simply start by running in place, lifting your knees higher to your chest. Your knees should lift up to your waist, or higher if you can. Alternate footsteps, landing on the mid-sole of your footstep. Once you have the motion down, add in your jump rope. 


This jump rope variation will require practice to master a constant rhythm and springy step. Gradually lift your knees higher with each step until the portion of your leg above the knee is parallel with the ground. To push yourself even further, complete this jump rope variation with a weighted jump rope or start to increase the pace of your jumping. 


     2. The Criss-Cross

If you are willing to put in the time to practice, the criss-cross is one of the jump rope variations that is excellent for intensifying your workout. Popular among boxers and MMA athletes, the criss-cross variation targets your upper body, effectively working out your muscles while jumping rope. Get a full upper body workout and cardio without having to go to the gym or purchase expensive weight sets. 


jump rope variation


Master the criss-cross by starting with your normal jump rope stance. To complete the cross, bring one arm over the other as soon as your jump rope passes under your feet. Your hands should remain at the same height as your waist, and you will need to extend your shoulder blades to create a wide enough arch with your jump rope. It does not matter which hand crossing on top of the other. Try both ways to determine what you are most comfortable with.


     3. The Scissors 

Another simple variation that boosts your workouts is the scissors. It is one of the best jump rope variations. This move is easy to complete, but it can seriously impact your cardio and intensify your workout. Target your lower body and abs with this jump rope variation to get a complete workout. Beginners can introduce this move when they are ready to mix up their exercise routines, and those more experienced with a jump rope can always include this in their repertoire. 

For the scissors jump rope variation, begin with a simple jump. In one revolution, you will jump with your feet apart. One foot will be in front of the other. In the next revolution, switch your feet. Alternate the position of your feet, increasing your speed as you gain confidence. 


     4. The One Foot Hop

If you want to work out your legs separately, the one-foot hop jump rope variation is the perfect solution. Other jump rope variations are effective too, but this is easy to master. This move still provides an excellent leg workout in very little time. It is also customizable to meet your exact fitness needs and goals. It can also help improve your mental focus and balance with extra dedication and practice. 

The one-foot hop is as simple as it sounds. To complete this jump rope variation, jump on one foot. You can do as many rotations as you’d like, focusing on one leg before switching to another. One leg may be easier to balance on than the other, and you can focus on the non-dominant leg to increase your strength and balance.


     5. The Side Straddle 


The side straddle allows you to work on your timing and rhythm while jumping rope. It is not easy to master, though it may seem simple at first glance. The side straddle jump rope variation provides an intense workout for your lower body and abs as you complete a motion very similar to jumping jacks. You will be sweating and burning calories in no time with this move!

For the side straddle variation, begin with a standard jump. When you land, move your feet apart, about the same width as your shoulders. For the next jump, bring your feet back together. Keep alternating between together and apart with each rotation. To challenge yourself, start picking up the speed. 


Ready to take your jump rope workouts to the next level? Visit Elevate with Geraldo for plenty of jump rope tricks, variations, and tutorials.

     6. Mummy Kicks

Every beginner will find mummy kicks variations fun-filled because it’s not difficult to understand. If you are getting bored with your regular fitness routine, adding these jump rope variations will help you achieve your fitness goal quickly.

The good news is you can easily learn mummy kicks. It is an alternate foot step variation effective for engaging your hamstrings and hip flexors. Switching your feet while jumping the rope acts on muscle groups better than other variations. It is a great addition to any exercise.


     7. Half and Full Twist

For this variation, understanding the rhythm and motion comes first before you begin the exercise with your jump rope. It’s more or less like you are playing, so you don’t have to worry about not doing it right.

You can start by bouncing twice then twist to the right. Continue the bounce, then twist to the left. Do this for some minutes before you use the rope for practicing.


     8. Heel-Toe Step

If you want to develop strong footwork and coordination, include the heel-toe step as part of your workout routine. For this exercise, you may need to watch a tutorial video to guide your steps.

It’s a simple trick that you can practice even if you are new to the world of jump rope workouts. For the heel-toe step, you need a quality rope to learn these skills. Your toes will be fully engaged for this training to be effective.


     9. Backward Jumping

Backward jumping applies to all the jump rope variations we discussed above. The fascinating thing about this workout is that you will be gaining twice the result the forward jumping will give your body.

This is due to the additional power used when performing the exercise. It is a great exercise for coordination and activates your muscles to improve your skills exponentially. Learn the backward jumping here


     10. Boxer Steps

This jump rope variation is a popular one among boxers, which allows them to shift their weight from one side to another. You can jump continuously at a time due to the ability to shift your weight. It works effectively for cardio and endurance.

Do you want to develop the right posture? Boxer step helps you reduce too much stress on the lower limb joints after a long exercise. It is an amazing jump rope variation useful for building stability while you work on your endurance. Try boxer steps regularly.


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