What Are Speed Ropes And Why Do Athletes Use Them?

There are different types of jump ropes, and speed rope is one of them. Today, jumping rope is no longer seen as a playground affair. It is currently a popular activity for fitness and competition. 

If you are serious about either fitness or competition, you should go for a faster rope-like speed jump ropes

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Speed jump ropes are some of the best cardio jump ropes available in the market. The American Council on Exercise says jumping rope has many benefits. Some of these benefits include an increase in the lower leg muscles’ elasticity, improved cognitive functioning, and coordination. Are you considering adding jump rope to your regular exercise? If yes, you should start with speed jump ropes. 

What are Speed Ropes

Speed jump ropes are jump ropes that have thin PVC plastic cord. They are the fastest jump ropes around. There is also Ultra Speed Rope with handles attached to the cable at a 90-degree angle. Compared to weighted jump ropes, speed ropes are very thin. Let us explore some of the major features of these effective cardio jump ropes. 

1. Handles

The handles of these speed jump ropes are comparatively shorter. It is designed intentionally to allow the tip of the rope where it is attached to the handle as close as possible to the center of the body. This helps in faster rotation of the rope, and it also takes less effort from you. The length of the handle varies from brand to brand and ranges between 5 to 6 inches. 

2. Weight

Speed ropes generally weigh from 50gm to 100gm. However, you should go for lower weight speed ropes. 

3. Joining Point 

The rope’s cable is joined at 90-degrees to the handle, which makes it tangle-free and easy to rotate. At the end of the handle, where it connects to the cable, the handle is fitted with a steel ball bearing. The ball bearing allows for maximum speed and no friction. 

4. The Material 

The handle of a speed jump rope is generally made of plastic and light in weight. Since a speed rope aims to train users in for speed, keeping the weight light will help conserve your energy. The cable is usually made of thin metal, although there are other variations too. 

The Pros of Speed Jump Ropes

  • It is excellent for building your endurance.
  • Helps to improve your agility and coordination.
  • You can easily perform anywhere. 

The Cons of Speed Ropes

  • You cannot carry pout CrossFit with this rope.
  • It is not ideal for beginners. 

Why Do Athletes use Speed Jump Ropes?

What is the point of a speed rope if it cannot help an athlete get in shape for a competition or keep fit? People ask why do athletes use speed ropes or what is a speed rope good for? Well, speed rope is one of the best cardio jump ropes and comes in handy for athletes. 

Jumping rope entails an athlete have to jump up and down repetitively. The implication is that the weight-bearing bones in your body have to become stronger to support such activity. For athletes, it is an important tool that helps to prevent lower-body stress fractures associated with sports. There are no many muscles on our shins, ankles, and feet. Therefore, athletes easily get shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendon strains. Using speed jump ropes helps to strengthen these muscles. 

Speed jump ropes also help to boost athleticism by enhancing athletic performance. This is one of the main reasons why the rope is popular among athletes. People who engage in sports that involve coordination, footwork, quickness, agility, hand speed, etc., benefit from using speed ropes. If you consider the best boxers and kickboxers, they are all great with speed cardio jump ropes. 

The cardio benefits of using these jump ropes are massive. Jumping rope can be integrated with other exercise routines to achieve a greater result. Athletes jump rope between other exercises to suit their need for that workout. Jumping rope falls under the category of cardiovascular exercise. Using the cardio jump ropes means athletes can burn a lot of calories. There are different jump rope training routines that an athlete can engage in for optimal performance. 


Speed ropes are a great addition to your workout equipment, especially if you are an athlete. The benefits are enormous and will always help you maintain fitness for any competition. Every athlete should own a speed rope to help improve his or her athleticism.  

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