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Jump Rope Length: How Long Should Your Jump Rope Be?

How long should your jump rope be? The question is very common in the jump rope community. You will struggle while practising if your jump rope is too long or too short for your legs. It will be harder to learn new skills, speed up your moves, and intensify your workout. To maximize your jump rope exercise, you must find the proper length for your height and skill level. 

Jump Rope Sizing chart

Height of jumper Jump Rope length
3’9″–3’11” 6’10”
4’3″–4’5″ 7’4″
4’7″–4’9″ 7’8″
4’11″–5’1″ 8’0″
5’5″–5’7″ 8’6″
5’11″–6’1″ 9’0″
6’3″–6’5″ 9’4″
6’7″–6’9″ 9’8″
6’11″–7’1″ 10’0″

Is Your Jump Rope the Right Length?

If you use a skipping rope that is the wrong length, it can be frustrating and potentially dangerous, and you’ll burn less calories cause you can’t jump all the time. Skipping rope length is crucial for your workout quality and safety, determining which tricks and skills you can practice. When you find yourself struggling unnecessarily, it is time to ask if your jump rope is the wrong length. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you trip over your rope way more than you should? 
  • Is it unnecessarily difficult to complete basic jump rope moves and skills? 
  • Do you find yourself becoming more and more frustrated in your practice? 
  • Are you incorrectly learning skills to compensate for your jump rope? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your jump rope may be the wrong size. Keep reading to determine the right skipping rope length for you. 

jump rope length

How Long Should Your Jump Rope Be?

When practising with a too-long rope, you will likely trip over your rope a lot. The rope slows down as it hits the ground instead of passing smoothly beneath your feet. If your jump rope length is too short, you will keep hitting yourself in the back of the neck because it is impossible to get enough height on your skipping rope arch. Both issues will make it difficult to learn proper skipping rope techniques, and you will trip over your rope until you become frustrated. 

Many factors determine the best length for your jump rope, including:

  • Your turning mechanics
  • Where you hold your hands
  • Your workout objective 
  • The length of your arms 
  • The length of your jump rope handles 
  • And more! 

To start perfecting your jump rope length, place one foot in the middle of the rope and bring the handles up close to your shoulder. This is a great starting point for beginners when choosing a jump rope length. More experienced jumpers can bring the handles up to their armpit or below for intensified workouts and skills training. 

Jumpers tend to switch from short speed ropes to longer; freestyle handles after they master the basic skipping techniques. A jump rope with longer handles can help you implement more advanced tricks that let your handle hit the ground without breaking. 

Place your foot in the middle of the rope to size ropes with longer, freestyle handles. Bring the top of the handles up to your pecs, creating a slightly shorter rope. If you plan to use this type of rope, you must ensure that your technique is clean. Your hands should stay close to your hips, and you should spin the rope around your body using your wrists. 

How Do Change the Length of Your Jump Rope?

Once you decide the length of your jump rope, how do you actually change the size? Adjustable jump ropes, like the Elevate Rope, have sizing mechanics located in the handles. These mechanics enable you to adjust the rope length without tying knots. To change the size of your jump rope, follow these steps. 

  • Pull down the handle to reveal the sizing mechanics
  • Push the squeeze mechanic off of the teeth mechanic
  • Slide the teeth mechanic into place to adjust your skipping rope length 
  • Replace the squeeze mechanic
  • Pull the handle back up
  • Measure your rope again using your foot
  • Do some practice jumps to test the length
  • Cut off the excess jump rope outside of the handle

If you are not a fan of cutting your rope, or you want to try multiple jump rope lengths, you can use the knot method. Tie simple knots in your jump rope, near the handles, to shorten your rope. Continue tying knots until you reach your desired length. Unlike cutting your jump rope, this method can be reversed and you can switch up your rope length until you find the perfect size. 

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