HOW to: JUMP ROPE like JAKE GYLLENHAAL (2020) - Jump Rope Southpaw Drill REVEALED!

HOW TO JUMP ROPE like JAKE GYLLENHAAL (2020) – Jump Rope Southpaw Drill REVEALED!

In today’s blog/video, we’re going to learn HOW TO JUMP ROPE like JAKE GYLLENHAAL in a very famous beginner Jump Rope variation:

The Southpaw drill of Jake Gyllenhaal!

The Southpaw Routine is great jump rope beginner variation and basically comes down to two moves:

1. The boxer step

2. Southpaw Sideswings (Either normal or double under)

In the movie it looks like he’s trying to do a DU, however from what I see, it looks like he pauses his feet on the ground just a little bit too much for it to count as a DU. Therefor I’ll explain the regular southpaw sideswing and then add the double under southpaw sideswing as a bonus on top.

1. Fundamentals

Firstly, as always we’ll quickly cover the Fundamentals. And as always before engaging in any jump session we want to make sure our rope has the right length. Now I know there might be a difference in preference as to how long or how short your jump rope should be. Therefor if you’re a beginner I would recommend putting one feet onto your rope and make sure to let the top of handles reach your armpits. If you’re slightly more advanced you can make the rope even shorter up until the handles reach your nipples. 

If you’re still not sure I suggest watching this video where I break it down, step by step.

Then off course when jumping always jump on the balls of your feet and last but not least, Try keep your wrists at hip height and use your the movement of your wrists to swing the rope around your body.

2. The Boxer Step 

Now if we take a close look at how Jake is skipping in the southpaw movie we can see he is entering the move from a normal boxer step. In the boxer step you basically shift your weight from one leg to the other while jumping through the rope just like in the video. If you’re not sure how to perform a regular boxing step, again, watch the video below.

3. Open sideswing

Now for the next step of this tutorial we are going to practice the open sideswing. Important for this move to remember is that for every sideswing you make, your leading hand is on the opposite side of the side you’re swinging to. Easy said, if you swing the rope past your body on your left side, your right hand should be on top. If you swing the rope past your body on your right side, your left side should be on top. 

When entering the sideswing try to point the leading hands handle to the back interntionally, while pointing the other handle to the side. 

Then when exiting the move, quickly flick the wrists open again and pull your leading hand back into pocket stance to continue the move on the other side of your body. 

Tip: Keep your wrists close together, and both of your hands close to your hips. Try to focus on guiding the move with your wrists rather than throwing your arms around for a clean technique,

4. Wrapping it up

Now for the last step of the drill, the actual Southpaw drill including the double under there’s only one thing you need to add to your Open sideswing, which is the double under jump. 

If you’ve already mastered the Open sideswing this will be easy for you. When engaging into the Southpaw move try to focus on leaving the ground at the same time your sideswinging the rope. 

Then, before landing again flick the rope underneath your body. 

That’s all there is to it. 

Now you can try to put it all together. Start your move with a regular boxer step, then try to implement some open side swings and finish it with your Southpaw Du’s and you’ll be jumping rope like Jake Gyllenhaal before you know it! 

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