Jump Rope CROSSOVER TUTORIAL: How to do Crossovers AT SPEED! (2020)

Jump rope Crossovers: How to master Crossovers at speed! – In this video we’re going to cover how to do jump rope crossovers at speed! I’m going to break it down in 5 steps going from the fundamentals to the regular run ,to crossing your hands into the regular criss cross and finally syncing it all together. A little fun fact is that this is one of the moves that got me skipping in the first place. I remember browsing through youtube when I suddenly stumbled upon this video, of Floyd Mayweather absolutely crushing them (Mayweather Cross)!

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Jumping rope is one of the best end most efficient ways to keep fit and lean all year round! There simply isn’t a better substitute to keep your muscles in shape and visible, melt fat and improve your hand/feet coordination and improve your mental and sporting performance overall.

Video Breakdown:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Regular run (Flawless for at least 1 minute)
  3. Crossing the hands
  4. Regular Criss cross (Flawless for at least 1 minute)
  5. Sync it together

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