Indoor Jump Rope Workouts

Top 10 Indoor Jump Rope Workouts To Try Out

Indoor jump rope workouts, sometimes called skip rope, are a great aerobic exercise to try out. It’s practical and can help you get rid of belly fat and flabby arms. These workouts are fantastic for building biceps and triceps. In addition, it can give you toned thighs and that perfect shape you admire.

Indoor jump rope workouts are perfect for fabulous results, and all you need is a jump rope. There are many jump rope workouts for you to alternate. Also, they’re super reliable; and, if you stick surreptitiously to the routine, you’ll come back with positive feedback!


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Key Takeaways

Many jump rope workout variations work excellently well in shedding weight and staying fit. Jumping rope is a simple exercise anyone can do.

Nevertheless, as simple as it is, there are excessive health benefits attached to it. It keeps your heart healthy, provides total body strength, boosts bone density, increases agility, and many more. In addition, examples of jump rope workouts include basic bounce, alternate jump, and criss-cross jumps.


Benefits Of Jumping Rope

  • Rope jumping burns calories faster than biking, cycling, running, or jogging. As a result, this leads to faster weight loss.
  • It’s a great aerobic and cardiovascular exercise. For example, if you jump a rope steadily for two minutes, you’ll feel your heart beating faster and pumping more blood. Due to this, rope jumping keeps your heart in good condition.
  • It improves agility, balance, and
  • Jumping rope reduces the risk of sustaining ankle and foot Injuries as it stabilizes your balance.
  • It improves bone health by increasing your bone density.
  • It increases flexibility.



Five Most Effective Indoor Jump Rope Workouts

Indoor Jump Rope Workouts

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Tips: If you’re a beginner with indoor jump rope workouts, you should purchase a speed rope for beginners. The reason is that it’s slightly weighted and more convenient to work with.

That said, those 5’3 or shorter should use an eight-foot rope; 6′ and above would need a ten or 11-foot rope. Also, do not tense your wrists. Instead, keep your feet together and land softly on the tip of your toes. With these tips, you’re good to go.



1. Basic bounce rope jump

This is the easiest way to jump rope. To begin, make sure you have a good stance. Place your feet together, and your elbows close to your body for balance. Then take a low jump about half an inch off the ground and swing the rope beneath your feet simultaneously. Start with a slow pace and gradually pick up pace as you get more comfortable.



2. Alternate foot jump rope

The alternate foot jump rope is an easy jump rope activity similar to jogging. You start by assuming the basic rope jump position. Stand upright with your torso tall, and your shoulders pushed out backwards.

Afterwards, swing the rope and jump, lifting your knees forward. Do not kick your feet backwards, as this may cause your feet to catch the rope. While jumping, alternate the foot used for landing every time the rope passes through.

It’s almost the same as a basic ounce described above. The only difference is that you land on one leg.



3. The double under

The double under is an enhanced version of the basic bounce. When doing the double under, you swing the rope around twice for each jump. There are two ways to go about it. You either swing the rope around faster or jump higher.

It’s easier to swing faster if your wrist is more flexible. So when jumping higher, you add a bit of height to give yourself more time. This is done with a springy Juno, which maximizes airtime and minimizes ground time.



4. Criss Cross rope jump

Stand with your feet together and a rope handle in each hand. The rope should rest on the ground behind your heels. Tuck your elbow into your sides and raise your arms to parallel your forearms to the ground.

Swing the rope and jump over it.

After the rope passes under your feet and is over your head, cross your elbows over each other at about the middle of your torso. Afterwards, jump through the rope.



5. Jumping Jack jump rope

The jumping Jack jump rope is the last indoor jump rope workout. To perform this act, hold the handles of the jump rope in each hand.

With your feet placed together, jump up and swing the rope underneath you. As the rope goes under your feet, jump and land with your feet spread shoulder-width apart.

Jump and swing the rope again, this time landing with your feet close together.


6. Skiers:

This jump rope workout is also easy but requires stamina and balance. When you do this indoor workout, you’ll assume the normal stance, raise the rope and jump from side to side with your feet together.

Skiers can be done in a forward motion or backward motion.


7. High Knees:

This is a more intense jump rope workout that doesn’t require you actually jumping over the rope.

To begin, take the normal stance with your hands on either side of your body ready to swing the rope over your head. Instead of jumping over the rope, alternate with high knee hips.


8. Hopping Skip:

With this indoor jump rope workout, you will work on your core. To do this, you will hold a handle of the rope in each of your hands. Keep your hands out tonight side with your elbows tucked in. Swing the rope above your head and hop over it on your right foot. You can switch to your left foot after some reps.


9. Side Straddle:

The side straddle is a low-intensity indoor jump rope workout. It is a variation of the basic bounce. All you have to do is jump with your feet hip-width apart and in.


10. Burnout:

This might be one of the easiest and most intense form of indoor jump rope workouts. You can choose from any of the other forms of jump rope workouts  mentioned above and jump the rope as fast as you can till you literally feel the burnout.


Rope jump is an excellent calisthenic, cardiovascular and total body exercise that targets the calves, chest, forearms, biceps, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, and quad. The above indoor jump rope workouts produce wonderful results when integrated into your daily workout routine. That said, try them and see for yourself.

We hope this was helpful to you, and you learned new workouts to try with your ropes! We would love to hear from you.



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