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Hey everyone! I’m Martyna, and I’m the Elevate Family member! Today I’m going to tell you a little story about how I made jump rope a lifestyle, and how you can do it too! I will share how my passion for jump rope started, and how I became an Elevate Family athlete and Elevate Rope brand ambassador! 

Make some coffee or tea, and let’s get right into the topic!

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How did my jump rope journey start?

Let’s be honest – I’ve never been a huge fan of jump rope, I can say that I even hated it! But I had to learn it for my P-E class, and that’s how my journey started! (not the best start tho 😂 )The first thing I learned was of course the basic bounce. But I got bored by doing only one move all the time, so I started to look for some tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. And that’s how I met Geraldo – CEO of the Elevate Rope and at the same time my biggest jump rope inspiration! He literally changed my attitude and helped me made jump rope my lifestyle! 

Elevate Family athlete and brand ambassador 

After some time being charmed by this sport, I got an offer for being an Elevate Family athlete and the Elevate Rope ambassador. It was a huge surprise for me, at first I didn’t know what to say, because I’ve never thought that someone could actually want me to represent their brand…

Guess what… I accepted his offer and officially became the Elevate Rope brand ambassador! It still sounds huge for me, and now I’m writing this post thinking “How did it even happen?”. 

And I’m so thankful for you Geraldo for giving me such a big opportunity! I would never write this post if I wasn’t so lucky to meet you! 

Elevate Rope - what is it? 

Elevate Rope is a brand owned by Geraldo Alken, created to show you the endless Realm of Jumping Rope, Exploring Mindestes, and Astonishing Physiques using just a Jump Rope! What can you buy in the shop? Of course the highest quality speed, freestyle, and beaded ropes! They are made from durable materials, so they last even longer!  But that’s not everything! You can also buy some T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, shorts, and accessories, that you can always rock at the gym while crushing your goals or just to feel warm and comfortable in the evenings. If you want to start your journey, but you don’t really know how – there’s nothing to worry about! On you can also get a 6 week home workout program, which can give you the perfect beginning of your jump rope lifestyle! It includes workout videos, a workout calendar, and a mealplan! 

What would I recommend buying at the Elevate Rope shop? - my 3 top products

Ok… so here are some of my favorite products from that I’d definitely recommend to you guys!

  1. Elevate Speed Rope MAX

The feedback of the rope is amazing, it is perfectly weighted, so all of your moves and transitions are smooth! Also, it is made of high – quality PVC and nylon, plus it has amazingly durable handles! This is my first place of all time!

  1. Dare to Elevate Beaded Jump Rope

I love this one, especially for all of my freestyle variations and releases, and it is also perfect for learning new moves! I’ve been using this one for 6 months all the time, and it still looks really good, beads are in great condition and the handles are alive. 

  1. Last but not least… #JustElevate Slim Fit T-shirt 

Ok… so this one is perfect for all of you guys who want to feel confident at the gym, in travel, or during daily activities! I’m wearing this T-shirt all the time (I have purple and white), it is so comfortable and it also looks really good!  

P.S. Using a coupon code “martynajumps10” you get a 10% discount on your order! Don’t miss this occasion! 

How did I make jump rope my lifestyle and what are the benefits of doing it?

My lifestyle changed completely 180 after I met jump rope! I thought that being healthy is really hard and almost impossible, but jump rope changed my thoughts. It is a perfect way to workout in a really fun way. To be honest, when I jump rope I don’t even feel like I’m working out!  Now you can ask “How to make jump rope a lifestyle?” – the answer is: You gotta love it! There’s no other way to change your life! Trust the process – that’s enough!

What are the benefits of jump roping?

  • Jump rope is a perfect for weight loss, as it burns hundreds of calories! 
  • It improves coordination 
  • It improves cardiovascular health 
  • Jump rope decreases ankle injuries 
  • It is great for your mental health and confidence 
  • It improves bone density 
  • It is ligh, portable, and most importantly – very fun!

Just Elevate with the Elevate Family!

I hope this post motivated you even a little to pick up a rope, start working out and change your lifestyle for the better! If you have any questions about jump rope, fitness, or a healthy lifestyle, feel free to DM me on my social media (martynajumps) or just send me an email ( I do reply to all of your messages! 

Let’s change our life for the better using just a jump rope!

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