Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide

Having good and consistent exercise during pregnancy will help you to stay fit throughout the period. The exercises will help you in ways you cannot comprehend. The workout will help you to reduce discomforts such as fatigue and backaches.

Studies have also shown that pregnant women who exercise properly have an easy delivery. You may be wondering how exercise is related to delivery. Exercise during pregnancy will help you build enough stamina essential for delivery and labor.

The benefit of exercise during pregnancy is numerous. It includes a reduction in back pain and toughening of your blood vessels. Exercise during pregnancy will also help you to lose baby weight after delivery.

Many exercise types are available for pregnant women. This article will broaden your knowledge about the different workouts you can do during pregnancy.


Key Takeaway

Physical exercise helps both the carrying mother and the fetus during pregnancy. However, before doing any exercise during pregnancy, the gynecologist should be aware of your intention. It will allow you to know the type of physical exercise that’s safe for you at every period of the pregnancy.


Guidelines for exercise during pregnancy

Before exercising during pregnancy, you must be sure that you are physically fit to partake in the exercise. Also, you must follow the following simple exercise guideline.

  • You must wear comfortable cloth with a support bra and select shoes aimed for the exercise you want to perform.
  • Ensure that you eat for a minimum of an hour before starting the exercise and drink water during and after exercise. Also, ensure that your food contains enough calories required for exercise and pregnancy needs.
  • Ensure that the exercise is not above your physical capabilities. Inability to talk during exercise is a sign that you are over-exerting yourself. Also, you must stop all exercise if you feel any sign of dizziness, nauseous, or shortage of breath.
  • Before starting any exercise, you must stretch your muscles to prevent them from cramping. Also, at the end of the exercise, stretch your muscles to remove any pressure of exercise on your baby. You may do stretching exercises before and after, including shoulder rotation, leg shake, neck rotation, ankle rotation, etc.
  • Ensure you engage in a minimum of one hundred minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise weekly to achieve desired results.



Best ways to exercise during pregnancy

After getting confirmation from your gynecologist that you are fit to exercise, you may consider the following exercise. The exercises will increase your endurance level, blood circulation, and muscle tone. Also, the risk of cesarean birth and gestational diabetes may be decreased due to exercise during pregnancy.

The exercises are:


  • Swimming:

This is one of the best exercises you may engage in during pregnancy. It’s because the water supports your weight, and you can use most of your body muscles inside water. Also, water helps you to avoid muscle strain and injury.

Furthermore, swimming during pregnancy can help eliminate puffy ankle, nausea, and sciatic pain. However, you must not dive or jump into the water and avoid slippery pool decks.


  • Walking:

This is one of the most convenient exercises you can do during pregnancy. You can get engage in this exercise without any special equipment. Walking makes it easier for your joint and muscle to perform and exercises your entire body.

You can also perform this exercise until your delivery date. A professional has recommended that it help with contractions.


  • Running:

Another exercise you can partake in during pregnancy, especially if you are an experienced runner. Also, this exercise is for you if you are an inexperienced runner and want to go faster than walking. However, you must ensure that you do not overdo it to avoid injury to your knees.


.Modified yoga:

Yoga exercise helps to change your poses and shift your balance. It increases your flexibility by encouraging stretching and reducing stress through focused breathing. However, you should evade poses that require you to lie on your back or stay still for more extended periods.

Exercise during pregnancy

.Stationary cycling:

This is an excellent exercise for you, mainly if you have been spinning for a minimum of six months before getting pregnant. The exercise does not put pressure on your knee joints and ankle. The exercise also helps reduce stress on your lower back by adjusting the handlebars of the bicycle.


.Jumping Rope:

This may sound like something dangerous to do, but it is safe to jump rope. However, you must be extra careful while jumping. Health experts advised that only women with healthy pregnancies should attempt jump rope workouts. It is one of the best cardio exercises that can help throughout pregnancy.



Exercise during pregnancy is essential for your body and fetus. Nothing stops you from engaging yourself when you are medically fit. This article has provided you with exercises you can engage in during pregnancy. Also, precautions you must take before and during the exercise have been listed. However, it is imperative that you correctly engage each to achieve its benefit.


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