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New to skipping and not sure what rope(s) to choose?

Here’s a message from our Founder:

”Every kind of rope has its own benefits and fits a different style of skipping. When you’re just starting out, you’re still in the pursuit of finding your style. Therefore, in order to find your way, I recommend you to go for at least one of each type (MAX,DIGNITY,GRAVITY,ELEVATION).

Having one of each in your start-up arsenal gives you the space to experiment with different types of ropes and brings you the freedom to invent your own way and a the type of rope that matches that newborn style perfectly. ”

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If you’re not quite sure what type of rope you want yet, you just might want to explore the exceptional goodies we have. Our arsenal includes high quality ropes for every kind of jumper. In all your favourite colours.

Starting From €20,-

Build beaded rope

Get Creative

Build your rope

From Scratch

BUILD YOUR OWN – BEADED or MAX rope, perfect for Beginner to advanced jumpers who are looking to design AND create their own ropes from scratch! Perfectly suitable for speed, agility, power,  freestyle wraps, releases and combining the realm of freestyle and cardio skipping!

Starting From €22,50

Elevate speed rope MAX ELEVATE

Freestyle x Cardio

Speed Ropes

Mostly Chosen

Elevate Rope Max – The Elevate MAX Quality Speedropes. Perfect for Beginner to Advanced Jumpers looking to do fast-paced cardio sessions, freestyle wraps, releases and combine the realm of Freestyle and Cardio skipping!

Starting From €20,-

Wisdom Beaded Jump Rope - Dignity Line


Beaded Ropes

Freestyle Ropes
Elevate Dignity Ropes – The Elevate Dignity Beaded Ropes. Our Beaded Jump Rope Line, perfect for Starting to Advanced Jumpers looking to enter the realm of Freestyle skipping.

Starting From €21

Elevation MAX Long Handle Rope (FAITH + MYSTERY)

Freestylex Cardio

Long Handle Ropes

Freestyle Ropes
Elevation MAX Ropes – The Elevation MAX Long Handle Ropes. Our long handle jump rope line, perfect for starting to advanced jumpers looking to enter the realm of freestyle skipping.

Starting From €21

Elevate Gravity Heavy Rope (DESIRE)

Cardio x Strength

Heavy Ropes

Endurance Ropes
Elevate Gravity Rope – The Elevate Gravity Heavy Rope, perfect for beginner to advanced jumpers looking to do heavy duty cardio sessions, build muscle and lose weight. 

Starting From €27,95

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