benefits of jumping rope

Top 10 Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is quickly gaining in popularity. When COVID-19 forced everyone into lockdown, many people looked for ways to workout at home and keep up with their health. Jumping rope provides an excellent workout that you can complete almost anywhere. Best of all, anyone can learn to jump rope whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. Keep reading to learn the benefits of jumping rope. 

1. Burn Calories & Lose Weight

When you work out, you typically have a goal of staying in shape or losing weight. In just 15 minutes of jumping rope, you can burn between 200 and 300 calories. This exercise can burn as many calories, or even more, than popular cardio exercises. Jumping rope is a thermogenic exercise, which means heat is created in the body. By working your muscle groups, jumping rope can burn a lot of calories. 

benefits of jumping rope

2. Improve Your Coordination 

To improve your jump rope skills, you have to have excellent coordination. If you feel like your coordination is lacking, jumping rope is a great way to improve it. When you jump rope, many body parts have to work in sync. Your wrists rotate the rope while your feet jump. 

As you learn new tricks and jump rope skills, even more parts of your body must communicate to make the movement work. Over time you can improve your balance and coordination by jumping rope. 

3. Reduce Your Risk of Certain Injuries 

With better overall fitness and improved coordination, you can reduce your risk of injury while working out or completing daily activities. You may be tired and sore after jumping rope, especially when you first start learning, but the feelings will fade over time. This is by far one of the best benefits of jumping rope.

You can also improve the elasticity of the muscles in your lower leg. Tight calf muscles can lead to strains on your tendon or plantar fasciitis. You can strengthen the muscles in your calf by jumping rope and prevent some of these injuries. 

4. Save Money on Equipment 

Whether you build a home gym or purchase a single treadmill, exercise equipment is expensive. Even weights can cost a lot of money. However, cost should not be a barrier to working out. If you take up jumping rope, you can save a considerable amount on workout equipment and fitness gear. All you need to work out is a jump rope! 

You also do not have to pay for a full gym membership. Jumping rope can be done right at home, saving you time and money on going to the gym. Just lace up your tennis shoes and start jumping rope to burn calories. 

5. Workout Anywhere

Not only is it less expensive to work out by jumping rope, it is more convenient. It is easy to pack a jump rope when you travel and fit in a workout on-the-go. You can keep a jump rope at your office to fit in a workout after work and keep one handy at home. 

Jump ropes also take up much less space than other fitness equipment. You do not have to worry about storing a weight set, moving a stationary bike out of the way, or working around a treadmill. If you can make enough room to swing your jump rope, you can get in a full workout. 

6. Increase the Intensity of Strength Training Workouts 

If you complete circuit-training workouts, adding in jump rope stations can help increase your heart rate. By focusing on different muscle groups, the overall intensity of your workout increases and you can receive a cardiorespiratory benefit. Mix jump rope stations into your existing circuits or fit in a few minutes of jumping rope at the end of your workout. 

benefits of jumping rope

7. Improve Your Heart Health 

Jumping rope can directly benefit your cardiovascular system and the overall health of your heart. When you practice jumping rope, you can increase the amount of oxygen you are able to utilize while working out. Over time, this can increase your cardiovascular endurance and help you complete more intense or longer workouts. Jumping rope can help reduce your overall body fat, improve your pulse rate, and boost your heart health. 

8. Strengthen Your Bone Density 

Poor bone density can lead to fractures and breaks. However, one of the great benefits of jumping rope can strengthen your bones. Jumping rope for just ten minutes a day can lead to better bone density by stressing the bone with impact. Your body has to remodel the bones in order to handle the added stress and pressure, which causes them to become stronger. 

9. Boost mental health:

Yes, high intensity of jump rope workouts can boost your mental health. Workouts increase blood circulation all around the body to the brain. Therefore, it should be known that exercising reduces anxiety and depression.

10. Improves posture:

Jump rope improves your posture. We might be lackadaisical about how we stand, but it is good to have a good posture. Proper jump rope workouts help your shoulder blade move back to its position which supports the spine.

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