AMRAP workouts

AMRAP Workouts: Ultimate Jump Rope AMRAP Workout Guide

The main essence of workouts is to stay healthy and fit. High-intensity exercises like AMRAP workouts give us such benefits.

AMRAP workouts are examples of High-Intensity Interval Training. Mostly, this training is called HIIT. Due to the category AMRAP workout belongs to, it has all of the intense benefits of most high-intensity workouts.

You can reduce stress, burn fat, and even boost your memory by carrying out AMRAP workouts.


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AMRAP workouts might be tedious, but they are completely worth the effort. Jump rope is a form of AMRAP workout. There are so many ways of performing jump rope.  However, what matters most is that you are feeling the strain and can go many times within a short period.


What Are AMRAP Workouts?

AMRAP is an acronym that stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. This workout focuses mainly on doing as much extreme exercise as is possible within the time you have set.

Also, an AMRAP workout can be added as a part of a broader routine. If not, an AMRAP workout can still be a whole workout routine.

For example, having an AMRAP workout as part of a more extensive routine can be a ten-minute AMRAP burn at the end of the whole exercise. On the other hand, using AMRAP workouts to form your entire routine, you can have a 15 minutes session focused on rounds.

Some series of rounds for a full AMRAP workout are; a 400-meter run, 20-30 squats, and 20 press-ups. You can repeat these rounds as many times as you can within 15 minutes.

In addition, there is one more way to perform AMRAP workouts. This last method is based on repetition. For example, it could be a repetition of jumping jacks or squats within five minutes.

In conclusion, the main aim of AMRAP workouts is to make the most out of a short period. Therefore, doing high-intensity workouts many times within a given time.

The best way to take an AMRAP workout is to see it as a chance to put in your all. As a result, you are expected to go all out.

Maintaining the best shape alongside good health is vital and should be your priority. In other words, take the exercise as though you’re a newbie. Start slow and then move up the intensity level.

Remember, you have a target to reach in such a short time. So, that should be a significant motivation. However, be sure to take a break. After every exercise, take a 20-second break. This prevents you from quickly reaching your breaking point.

Resting between intervals gives you the chance to regain a small percentage of your lost energy.

Further, AMRAP workouts are an excellent way to know if you are progressing in your fitness level. For instance, if you notice that you aren’t finding a particular exercise as complex as you used to, it means you are ready to move to a harder one.

Also, if you don’t want to change the exercise, you can increase the number of times you used to take it. The fact that you can do so means that the level of your fitness has improved.

Ultimate Jump Rope AMRAP Workout Guide

amrap workouts

Jump rope is a perfect example of AMRAP workouts. It is simple yet intense and can be repeated as many times as is required.

For this exercise, you can do the regular under jumps. But, also, you may wish to step it up a little bit. You can achieve that by doing double unders.

Double unders are majorly CrossFit moves in which the rope used passes twice for every jump. Contrary to that, a single jump involves the rope making one pass per jump.

Though simple, the double jump is difficult to get used to. This, however, makes it perfect for the workout.

As an advanced jumper, you can take about 20-50 double under jumps for a more effective result.

You can perform a jump rope workout for AMRAP workouts in two ways.


1.    12 Minute AMRAP Jump Rope Workout:

This workout involves the following exercises:

  • 100 single under jumps with a jump rope
  • 20 air squats
  • 1-minute plank hold
  • 20 walking lunges

Set a timer to make sure you keep to time while carrying out the workout. Also, try your best to repeat these procedures as many times as you can.


2.    Level Up 15 Minute AMRAP Jump Rope Workout:

This form of jump rope involves the following processes:

  • 100 single unders jumps with jump rope (or 20-50 double under jumps)
  • 20 air squats (or 15 goblet squats)
  • 1-minute plank hold
  • 20 weighted walking lunges

Set an alarm or a timer for 15 minutes and make each move in the correct order as listed. Complete as many rounds as you can.


Jump rope is a cost-effective example of AMRAP workouts. If you can go as many times as is possible within a short period, be sure to gain a lot.

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